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Adding a Metro start button to the taskbar

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    Adding a Metro start button to the taskbar

    I've Googled extensively and found plenty of suggestions to bring back the old Win7-style start menu with its button in a variety of ways, but that's not actually what I want.

    I'd like to have a start button on the taskbar where the Win7 one was; on clicking this button once, it should bring me to Win8's default start - the Metro thing with all the squares, not Classic Shell or any alternative. I actually like the squares.

    I'm aware I can get to the Metro start by putting the cursor into a corner and then bringing it down and clicking the Start icon, but that feels slow and counter-intuitive - I'd much rather just click on the taskbar.

    How do I do this?

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    Hello IronMew, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    If you like, you could use the tutorial below to download a Start shortcut that can be used to add a Metro Start button to your taskbar.

    "Start" Screen Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Classic Shell can do this. You don't have to use the Start Menu. You can use just use the Start button.
    1. Install Classic Shell first.
    2. Open settings, enable All Settings and on Controls tab and set "Left click opens" to "Windows Start Screen" and "Windows Key opens" also to "Windows Start Screen".
    3. Now go to Start Button tab and choose the Metro button.

    You get a Windows 8 logo button that takes you to the Start screen using click or winkey.

    Brink's method will also work but it won't have the hover state of the Start button.
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Adding a Metro start button to the taskbar
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