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Trying to find something similar to CPU meter

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    Trying to find something similar to CPU meter

    I enjoyed having the CPU meter on my dash with windows 7. Is there a way to get that on my desktop or start screen?


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    There is a gadget program that runs on windows 8 and gives you the original ones from the old versions of windows and lots more, I I have it installed and have a gadget to monitor my CPU cores and ram usage and also Internet usage. I also use the large note one as I use that as my to do list. Check it out at

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    Rainmeter has lots of them - you will need to install Rainmeter - then look in DeviantArt under Customization>Skins and Themes>System Monitoring>Rainmeter for the skins. It does not use much resources and gives you a great choice.

    Rainmeter, desktop customization tool

    Browsing System Monitoring on deviantART
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    Yes, Rainmeter is great. I loved Windows gadgets, but Rainmeter is lighter on resources...
    Click image for larger version
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    WiFi Ed - Nice skin posted - what rainmeter skin is that?
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    It's illustro Extended with a few changes. I've decreased the transparency of the background image and changed the meter colors to green, and adjusted some font sizes, etc.
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    If any are interested, here is a Layout I created for Rainmeter.

    LucidDock by ~LucidDiminution on deviantART
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    Rainmeter all the way. I had the CPU and Network meters on 7, when I migrated it was confusing to not have that. So I got those 3rd party apps that kind of work, until they didn't. I got fed up and searched around. I now use Rainmeter's sidebar with the Enigma skin, I highly recommend it.
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    I use SysMetrix and it works pretty well. Get version 3.45 for Windows 8.
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    there's always the tried and trusted Core Temp.
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Trying to find something similar to CPU meter
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