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Customising File type Icons

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    Customising File type Icons

    In Win7 I used an app named "File Types Manager" to assign icons to the various file types in my video collection.
    I now find that in Win 8 changing the icon for one file type results in others being changed to the same icon.
    It seems that in Win8 avi/mkv/iso/flv etc are all grouped together.
    Anyone know of a way round this?

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    Hello Hairy,

    You might see if you may be able to manually change the icon using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below.

    File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon - Windows 7 Forums

    Hope this helps,
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    Trying to understand exact issue.

    I'm thinking the following 3 pictures may help.
    Look at them in reverse order.
    Bottom to top.

    Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol in Windows 8
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Untitled.png   Untitled2.png   Untitled3.png  
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    Going around in circles with this.

    Looks like File Types Manager and Defaults Programs Editor are just as confused as I am.

    I've tried the manual approach but it still seems that there is cross pollination between various types: AVI and MKV and ISO all end up getting the same icon.

    Is there somewhere I can find the necessary entries to reset the filetype entries in the registry?

    Found them!!
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    Eventually got things sorted out.

    Thanks to all who helped.

    Now have a minor issue with thumbnails for some AVI files but that may be a codec issue. Will start another thread for that if necessary.
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    Great news.
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    Hairy Scot (or others!), can you enlighten me how you fixed this?

    I am using SolidWorks 2013 in Win8, and drawings, parts and assemblies now all have the same icon with the 'type' set to 'SldWorks Application'.

    In Win 7 it used to have a different icon for each, with the 'type' as 'Solidworks Drawing Document' or '...Part...' or '...Assembly...'.

    This is hugely frustrating - please help!

    PS. I'm generally pretty computer-literate, but my registry editing experience is fairly limited...
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    You could try either File Types Manager from

    or Default Programs Editor from .Default Programs Editor
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    The gremlin has returned.

    All of a sudden AVI, IMG, and ISO files once again get the same icon!

    I was thinking it might be something to do with VLC Media Player, which I use for all video files and disc images, but the other types such as MKV, MP4, FLV are all OK.
    If I reset using ISO.REG and AVI.REG then each gets its own icon, but as soon as I change the "open with" setting on one the icon gets changed on both.
    The other issue with AVI is that thumbnails no longer appear for those files, although they do for MKV etc.

    Not a train smash, but bl**dy annoying.
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    Hello Jim,

    Does both ISO and AVI still have different programs as their default programs, and other than their icons work just fine?

    If so, it may be some sort of corruption wuth the icon or thumbnail cache. You might see if resetting and clearing both may help.

    Icon Cache - Rebuild - Windows 7 Support Forums


    Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset - Windows 7 Support Forums
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Customising File type Icons
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