So Ive installed Windows 8, and Im pretty happy with it. However I have a few problems, which I cant see to work out myself...

  1. I boot directly to desktop mode using this tweak: Windows 8 Desktop Mode
    But that also opens an explorer-windows every time. Is there a way to boot directly into desktop mode without having it open an explorer window?
  2. Startup Programs: I have 2 programs, which I would like to run at startup - but it seems windows wont let me. The first is RealTemp 3.70. Ive placed a shortcut to the exe-file in the Startup-folder, and Ive added the program to Start in the Task Manager. But it doesnt start, I have to click the exe-file everytime myself to get it to start
    Next I have a Catalyst Control Center Profile, which I need to activate at startup. Its the only profile in CCC, but I still have to activate it?

    Is there a utility to manage delayed startup in Windows 8, that could possibly help me with that?