Hi. I was wondering if anyone has a list of the system files containing UI elements for Windows8. Fact is, Win8 is not easy to customize. MS made it hard to do, and there is not many customizing software out there that (still) work for Win8 retail.
Yet, it's possible to change some aspects. I got an interesting result lately trying to use a small app made to change the CharmsBar look. It was created for Consumer Preview and seems to be non longer working. However, after launching it, and not saving anything, i got a modified color for my Charms Bar, one i had set in Decor8 previously, but i had Decor8 unisntalled.
I would like to back-up the file that contains charms bar ressources before messing further, but i can't find on the net what file this is ...

Now, i think it would be nice if there was such a list somewhere, and this seems like a perfect place for it.
I'll start by adding one that i know :

  • Bootres.dll : Contains the boot logo (blue windows). The boot logo is in the "RC Data" ressource. You can extract it and then use 7zip to expand it. You'll get 6 bmp files of various sizes. I still havn't tried to re-pack modified logos so i don't know whether this would crash windows completely. I'll try to set-up a virtual machine before messing with a boot file