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Permanently remove Touch Keyboard toolbar from taskbar?

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    On the topic of Windows 8 customization, is there a way to permanently remove the Touch Keyboard toolbar from taskbar?

    I've tried disabling the service in Control Panel > Services then removing the Touch Keyboard toolbar via right click on task bar but after shut-down/restart the toolbar still comes back (it's just annoying and takes up valuable task bar space).

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    Thanks Brink, didn't think I needed to create another thread but come to think off it Windows 8 is still very new and others may have the same problem.
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    search 'Mouse'
    and in the last tab you might have something like this:

    Click image for larger version

    Make sure "Remove tray icon from taskbar" is checked.

    Although yours might be different, since it varies between touch mouse models I think.
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    Just tested this myself:

    The Windows 8 Touch Keyboard on the Taskbar is on by default with Windows 8. This is a desktop computer with NO touchscreen so I have ZERO NEED for a Microsoft Toolbar with a "Touch Keyboard" on it.

    I disable the Touch Keyboard Toolbar by Right-clicking the Taskbar, go to Toolbars Menu Item and UNCHECK "Touch Keyboard".

    With a normal reboot, the Touch Keyboard Toolbar remains off.

    But if the computer goes to sleep, when it comes out of sleep the Touch Keyboard Toolbar will be there again every time. It is easily repeatable.

    Does anyone else have this? I've seen other pages describing this but apparently, it doesn't bother many people.

    I tried all the latest Microsoft Updates and the problem persists. I even read one website saying that it was a rights issue with a file. So I did a "Take Ownership" of all files and folders in Windows and rebooted. Same problem - go to sleep and the Touch Keyboard Toolbar comes right back.

    Can't Microsoft do anything right?
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    Windows 8.1 64-bit

    Since I'm on a Desktop I don't have that option under the Mouse thing. I've tried just disabling the Touch Keyboard toolbar by right clicking my taskbar but it comes back every time I reboot or log off/on. I tried setting the service to Stop and only start Manually but it doesn't even appear to phase it.

    I was going to try disabling toolbars entirely but it turns out my version of 8.1 apparently doesn't have gpedit.msc or something.

    I'm pretty sure it was turned on when I plugged in my Huion H610 but I can't even open the Tablet Settings, nothing at all happens when I try to open it. Huion said it was probably because I plugged it in before installing Huion's drivers but I don't know how to uninstall whatever generic driver Windows installed for it.

    edit: If anyone else wants to try removing it by disabling toolbars entirely but doesn't have Pro, ergo no gpedit.msc then you can try regedit instead.

    Create a new REG_DWORD called "NoToolbarsOnTaskbar" with the value of 1.

    Taskbar Toolbars - Enable or Disable

    Also some information on what that does from here: Group Policy Search

    This setting affects the taskbar.

    The taskbar includes the Start button, buttons for currently running tasks, custom toolbars, the notification area, and the system clock. Toolbars include Quick Launch, Address, Links, Desktop, and other custom toolbars created by the user or by an application.

    If this setting is enabled, the taskbar does not display any custom toolbars, and the user cannot add any custom toolbars to the taskbar. Moreover, the "Toolbars" menu command and submenu are removed from the context menu. The taskbar displays only the Start button, taskbar buttons, the notification area, and the system clock.

    If this setting is disabled or is not configured, the taskbar displays all toolbars. Users can add or remove custom toolbars, and the "Toolbars" command appears in the context menu.
    After you do that just log off then back on. The Touch Keyboard toolbar won't come back. I don't use toolbars myself so it's not a problem but if you have others that you do use then I guess you'll still be looking for another solution.
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    Nice idea Tiffany - expect it would work. But we need our Desktop and QuickLaunch toolbars, so won't work for us. Pity. But there could be something lurking in the registry that just kills the Touch Keyboard toolbar. Insane that we cant get rid of the stupid thing!
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Permanently remove Touch Keyboard toolbar from taskbar?
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