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Start button on desktop goes away each time W8 is restarte

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    Start button on desktop goes away each time W8 is restarte

    I use only the desktop ( not the tiles in the start screen ) . I installed a start button ( ) and each time I start WINDOWS 8 the start button is gone. I can re-install the button but each time I re-start WINDOWS 8 the start button is gone.

    Does anyone know how to install the start button so that it is permanent?

    I am running WINDOWS 8 ( RTM ) on a dual booted ( two vertex 3 SSD's ) on a high-end computer.
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    I use the Stardock "Start8" start button and no problems. However, the Stardock application was $4.95, not free. Maybe you should look into this as it does work.

    Start8 for Windows® 8 - Bringing back the Windows Start menu
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    Hey Fireberd,

    Thanks for your reply. I first used Stardock8 but it also went away each time I closed Windows 8. I thought by using another start button I might solve the problem. But alas, it didn't solve the problem.

    Any other ideas?
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    I've had this happen occasionally, I use classic start. If I go to the start screen then back to the desktop again it usually comes back. It doesn't happen all the time. I am on the release preview so it could be a bug in that. Wenda.
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    Hey Wenda,

    Thanks for your reply. I played with classic start and now I have two start buttons on Windows 8. The first button ( metro ) opens the menu and the second button ( classic flag ) opens the settings for the classic menu.

    Maybe I should leave well enough alone. What do you think?
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Start button on desktop goes away each time W8 is restarte
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