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Get my Theme to be the Default

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    Get my Theme to be the Default

    I've created a set of images for my desktop backgrounds. I'm running a three screen array that is 55" wide by 11" high to most pictures are either stretched out of all proportion or I only see a small slice of the image. Using Adobe Elements I've created panoramic views that are 55" x 12" and fit the screen nicely. I've saved the theme and it is easy to load, right click the mouse, select personalize and select my theme.

    What I'd to know is how to make my theme the default so I don't have to go through this simple change, it is easy enough to do but I should not have to re-select my theme every time I reboot or restart my computer.

    I should do up a selection of my best shots and post them as a package here on line for anyone else using a three monitor array.

    I also re-sized a couple of dozen of the photo's MS put up in their downloadable themes, some of them crop nicely to a 55x11 ratio, many do not, but now I have two sets of theme, my own pictures and cropped MS photos.

    But that dang white daisy keeps popping up every time I restart.

    It does show up as an "unsaved theme" too if that helps any troubleshooters out there.

    I have searched this forum and googled changing Win8 themes.


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    Anyone know how to make "My Theme" the default theme so I don't have to "personalize" the background manually every time I log in. It always reverts back to that daisy that is in the Windows default theme. Not a pressing problem like the end of the world tomorrow but a Win8 annoyance I'd like to solve.
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    Is it normal for Windows to load the "Daisy" default theme every time it restarts, or am I the only one that has the problem of Windows 8 not remembering to load My Theme?
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    I've been using a theme that I got from DA and I've using it for quite three weeks from now and I'm using Windows 8 Pro N version . never encountered a problem like yours . Did you try to save the theme you wanted to be default ? or what Change did you do to your Computer ? Click image for larger version did you Use the right Theme Patch for your computer to use third party themes .
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    I have looked in vain for a way to make "my theme" the default theme. That's my question. When I try to edit the default theme and use my backgrounds instead of the daisy, my changes are saved as a new theme and are in the top row of themes that appear when you right click and select personalize. Where is this "Theme Patch"? My themes are created by selecting different images for the background and not by downloading a third party theme. I did download some themes from Microsoft but these operate the same as "My Theme". That dang daisy just won't go away, every time I reboot it pops up, and I'm tired of pushing daisies.

    I am talking about the background in the desktop not in the Start Menu, I'm just using a MS background in the Start Menu and it does not change after each reboot. Curiously in the Start Menu, the image of the Desktop displayed in the wide icon is of the background from "My Theme" but when I click on it, that dang daisy pops up again.
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    uhm . just delete the whole aero theme in the resource folder .
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    Don't have the Aero Theme. How do I delete the Windows Default theme? I don't see it in the theme folder which lists the themes I've created or downloaded from MS.
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    Hello FKD,

    Double check to make sure that you saved your theme.

    In the above doesn't help, and if you are using a Microsoft account, then you might turn off the Personalize and Desktop personalization sync settings to test see if it is responsible for changing the theme. It's purpose to sync all PCs you sign in with the same Microsoft account to have the same settings as they were last saved as.

    Hope this helps,
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    Tried these suggestions. Un syncing settings had no effect. The other link tells me how to create a new theme, I've done that. What I want is the theme I created to be the default one that comes back on when I turn on the machine, not that dang daisy. How to I get rid of it?
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    The theme link was for step 7 to "save" your theme to see if it will stick around afterwards.
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Get my Theme to be the Default
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