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Stop Windows from Creating Libraries Automatically

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    Stop Windows from Creating Libraries Automatically

    I use custom libraries for Windows 8.

    This is my setup:

    Documents (built-in library)
    Apps (portable, no-need-to-install applications)
    Media (library for all media)
    > Media/Images
    > Media/Audio
    > Media/Movies
    > Media/Other
    Web IO (library for Internet related files)
    > Web IO/Downloads
    > Web IO/To Be Uploaded

    Notice that Pictures, Videos, and Music have been renamed Images, Movies, and Audio. They have also been moved into the Media library and are now just regular folders themselves.

    I explicitly removed the Pictures, Videos, and Music libraries from the navigation pane on the left side of Windows Explorer.

    However, every day Windows keeps recreating the default libraries all the time. The only default library I want to keep is Documents. How do I stop Windows from making libraries without my permission?

    Sorry if this has been answered before. I did a quick search but I couldn't find a thread/topic similar to this question. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough.

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    Those libraries have special functions to Windows. For example, the Photo apps will all look for Pictures library and do special things with it. By removing it, you're castrating the functionality of these apps, and some functions won't work correctly. For instance, the Picture gallery will not work correctly unless your pictures are in the Pictures library.
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    I really do not mind if that happens.

    Apps for viewing my galleries are not terribly important, especially when I can write and compile a simpler program that does the same thing but reads from my custom folder.
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    You might look up symbolic links and there is another type of link, I forget the name right now
    But keep in mind you could break windows, as well as applications that won't integrate properly

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Stop Windows from Creating Libraries Automatically
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