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Display issues - contrast/brightness messed up ?

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    Display issues - edited

    I bought this PC recently and have been very pleased with it. Adapting to Windows 8 was quick and effortless for me, and I have very few qualms about it.

    However, I shut down last night and when I booted up this morning, my display is different than it was before. In fact, it's quite confusion. Some areas are darker than they should be, and other areas are washed out or too light. This points it to being that somehow my contrast has changed - but how? I can find no contrast controls anywhere. There are no buttons my PC for these settings - as this is an all-in-one PC. The brightness slider changes nothing.

    Some things look "normal" while other things are just too saturated, too washed out, or too contrasted.

    Is there a way to set it back to default? A way to change my contrast? I'm an artist and this change in screen depth is unsettling for me - as in all calibration tests, I can see the difference between shades of black, but white is simply... white. There are no shades of white on this screen, now.

    Edit: It's especially anything yellow. There is very little shading between colors of yellow right now. On my color slider, everywhere there's a hint of yellow is just... yellow, with no gradual changes into the next color(s).

    Edit again: I improved it only a little by turning the gamma down slightly and playing with color sliders, but it's still far from what it should be. I have no idea what changed my settings or how to get it back exactly as it was.
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Display issues - contrast/brightness messed up ?
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