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Simple fix to hide taskbar transparency, and add a border

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    Simple fix to hide taskbar transparency, and add a border

    Just edit your wallpaper with Photoshop (or any other image editing software).
    Take a screenshot of your full desktop, add it to Photoshop, measure the height of your task bar in pixels (width will be equal to your screen resolution, obviously: 720, 768, 1080 etc...) for example, 1366x33 pixels.
    So you paint a black bar (or any color, black to make it stand out more) of this size, and you add it to the bottom of your wallpaper. You can also add a 1366x2 pixels white bar to the top of your black bar to make a border effect. (If you can't make one, I provided a template at the end of this thread).

    It's simple, doesn't require any hack or software installation and works like a charm. The only issue though is that some windows can appear behind your task bar (and so in front of your wallpaper), those will be seen in transparency. It's rarely happening in practice though.


    Here are some examples:

    Original Wallpaper

    Simple black bar added to it

    Black bar + white border effect


    Original wallpaper (you can see the transparency)

    No more transparency (or so it seems), since there is only black behind, black also makes the bar stand out a bit more.

    Border effect, the task bar became almost as good looking as Windows 7's (god I hate things without borders)

    [Update] Very thin border (1px), closest looking to Windows 7 (looks best):

    Here you can download the template for the bordered black bar (1600x80) :
    Normal border (3px):

    [Update] Very thin (1px) border, similar to Windows 7 (looks best):
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    I've been doing this since Windows 7 RTM
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    Actually this does not fix it.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbfoster View Post
    Actually this does not fix it.....
    Maybe making it transparent?

    Transbar - Download
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Simple fix to hide taskbar transparency, and add a border
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