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Custom Themes & Skin packs Thread

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    Custom Themes & Skin packs Thread

    8Style Skin Pack for Win8

    Download: Skin Pack - 8Style Skin Pack for Win8

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    iOS6 Skin Pack For Windows 8

    Skin Pack - iOS6 Skin Pack For Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt.Jack Sparrow View Post
    This reminds me of one thing that already worked in my case:
    I can confirm that the original theme (msstyles + rest of folder needed) from the RP install works on the RTM.

    We need the complete "Aero" folder from Win8 RP instalation ...\Windows\Resources\Themes\ and the "aero.theme" file
    We allready formatted but if we still have the ISO (install.wim) or the theme (I got the x64 copy) then it will work.

    To use the RP theme besides/in parallel with the original RTM theme:
    -Rename the copied (RP theme) folder "aero-rp", the contents remain intact
    -Rename the copied "aero.theme" -> "aero-rp.theme"
    -Open/edit the file aero-rp.theme with Notepad and replace this:

    with this:

    Then copy the file "aero-rp.theme" and the folder "aero-rp" to (C drive usually) ...\Windows\Resources\Themes\
    Click image for larger version
    Double-click on the new "aero-rp.theme" to use/install.
    The original RTM Aero folder remains intact. We just add a new theme.
    Unlike other themes and themes in Win7, the Aero from Win8 RP theme needs NO patching on the Win8 RTM!

    Works like a charm. I hope people understand the advantage.

    Thanks for these great themes.
    Great thread!

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Custom Themes & Skin packs Thread
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