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Awesome Start Menu for Windows 8

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    Awesome Start Menu for Windows 8

    I'm not sure if this is posted before .. Pokki is a beautiful looking start menu for Windows 8

    Go here to download

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    Looks nice
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    Wow, would even say it's better than windows7's start menu, but if you do want the win7 startmenu you must use start8.
    Like start8, does it skip metro?
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    This is what Win8 should have had out of the box. Metro is ok-ish, but to delete the traditional start menu is pure insanity.
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    Like liked a phone and a little like the ubuntu unity interface.
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    Been using it for a while now. It's nice, you also get Metro apps in Start Menu and there are few apps from the developers that will give you notifications.
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    Edit, herpa derp, I found it. Press the "star" on any item and it will stick it to the favorites menu. That was so simple that I didn't even notice it at first. Thanks for bringing this menu system to the attention of the windows community, it's a nice replacement thus far.

    I like the look of it very much, but it feels a lot like they are totally trying to hide anything that MS put into their new metro menu and or replace them with their own version.

    In any event I'm willing to give it a try because it looks more like Win 8 than the classic shell option for me, but is there any instructions anywhere on how to use this?

    According to the website I can add items and links to my favorites area in the pokki bar but I failed to find instructions on how to accomplish that.
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    Actually, the only thing I can't figure out now is how to delete stuff off of the all apps menu in the pokki bar. There is stuff in there that are either duplicates (like I have fraps showing up twice) or there is stuff in there that the items were deleted off my hard drive quite a long time ago (like there is a folder named Turbine, when I click it, it opens up to another item named Lord of the rings online, but I know for fact that doesn't exist on my HDD anymore), so how do I go about removing it?

    Thanks very much.
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Awesome Start Menu for Windows 8
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