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Got some new laptops at work to play with

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    Got some new laptops at work to play with

    Got a Dell XPS 13" and an XPS 14".

    I'm going to most likely spend the majority of my day on the XPS 14" tomorrow, formatting it, cleaning installing Windows 7 Pro with the truckload of dell drivers and utlities for this thing.

    Anybody ever "image" one of these machines with a 32GB msata SSD caching drive in them? I'm wondering how it's going to work. I looked at it with Acronis and it showed Drive 1 (not available) Drive 2 (8GB hibernation drive) and Drive 3 (the 500GB SATA drive with a 30MB dell utillity partition, a 12GB recovery partition, and a 450ishGB OS partition).

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    Anybody have any experience with these dual drive setups, or with Intel Rapid Storage Technology support in general.

    I've spent the whole day trying to install Windows 7 to this laptop, and am making no headway at all.
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    Nevermind, got everything all figured out. I was having a very hard time getting a driver loaded during the Windows install which could access by hard drives.

    Turns out the driver I had from Dell was just fine, but the fact that I was using a universal windows 7 installer USB key with both 32bit and 64bit OS's confused the driver and thus it wasn't loading properly. Once I actually got a Windows 7 Professional DVD and did the installation, everything was just fine.

    Got the caching drive all up and running and it's performing as expected. I will say this, the thing had a ton of drivers and such to install. Somewhere in the ballpark of 1.5GB worth of drivers that I downloaded for the XPS 14".
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