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A Microsoft Surface Phone does exist....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    No official prices out, but Belgian retailer has listed the phone on its website for a price tag of €549.

    €549.00 EUR = $708.60 USD as of today. I doubt if it'll be that much here.
    I was looking at the Samsung GSIII prices at the the other day, and apparently the price was cut 300 dollars on several of them out of contract. In May, it retailed at 800 dollars, four months later at 500. Either a new GS is coming out, or just a price cut to spur sending. I do hope Nokia prices their 920 in a similar fashion as more savings overall is fantastic. My claculations point my maximum spending on one phone to be 800 dollars, which is roughly the price of what the official Europe pricing to be.

    30 dollars a month of smartphone service without monthly obligations or other highway robberies, here I come....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Oooooo! This fits in nice with our plan, eh Cokeie?! My new-in-2 is due in January. Surface phone should be out before the Holidays. Maybe I'll buy early.
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    I don't know, I'll hold my reservations until an actual statement or press conference is held to show it off. The Surface Pro and RT tablets are literally the definition of what a Windows 8 tablet PC can and should be, but those are really more of effort to promote Windows 8 and tablet PCs and kind of show the OEMs how it needs to be done. A Surface Phone however, I don't know. They already use Nokia Lumia 900s in their Microsoft Stores to show off Windows Phone mostly. It's tempting however, to have a OS built by Microsoft, an excellent tablet PC built by them, a mouse built by them, an Xbox built by them, and a phone built by them.

    But the specs are what is going to make or break it (that is to be worthwhile to make and release one) along with innovative features and design.

    To me, a perfect analogy is Microsoft Surface Pro is to Windows 8 as Nokia Lumia 920 is to Windows Phone 8. Nokia is literally one of the best builders and designers of phones hands down. They've been in the game longer than apple, and have definitely been beat down by such. They can make a good come back though. I don't think a Surface Phone is totally needed though. Nokia has the bases pretty much covered in terms of Windows Phone and hardware, HTC has done a decent job, but Samsung to me doesn't have much of my love and f words to give.

    But then again, Microsoft has said that they won't leave any stone unturned in the fight against apple...
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    I'll trust your word on the Nokias. I'll lQQk into them. If the Surface phone is anything like the Surface RT or Pro, I bet it'll be a doozy. Bottom line -> It won't be an Android OS or anything made by Motorola now that Google owns it. I think it to be a big waste of mula for them to buy that, but it will be more competitive and prices should drop.

    I'll set aside a good portion of a day researching online and go to stores as soon as all is released. Hopefully get the introductory prices. I hope they coincide.
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    Thanks, Bill. That pretty much nails that MS is developing. Good to know.
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