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Apple stock now at $700 a share

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    Apple stock now at $700 a share

    Apple's stock on record shattering sales of the iphone 5 is now at $700 a share.

    Apple's IPO in 1980 was $20 a share

    So a $1,000 of Apple stock bought in 1980 is now worth $35,000

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    Hi there
    stocks rise and fall -- and the wise investor doesn't buy at the 52 week high generally.

    Remember unless there's an Iphone 6 what happens after the Iphone 5 has been delivered to all the "Upgraders". This phone isn't even making a start into the Samsung / HTC market -- only Apple upgraders so far are buying plus those corporate guys who have been itching to ditch their Dinosaur Blackberry's for years. Blackberry will be the total loser in this war BTW.

    Also post predicting a stock is a bit like "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" or saying if I had bet on this set of horses from 5 of the last Saturday's race meets in the UK I'd have made a million pounds. -- You can't work like that.

    You could almost have picked ANY stock from the 1980's and have made a fortune on it -- apart from obvious Dinosaurs like Kodak / Agfa etc.

    A better deal would have been to have traded the DJIA ($INDU) index over that period -- but most people on these Forums obviously haven't traded for real.

    However have a look at the graph 1980 -- onwards $INDU.

    Dow Jones Industrial Average (1980 - 2000 Daily) - Charting Tools -

    Leave Stocks to the Pros. !!!! I'm not an expert with I.T (know enough to be dangerous) but DO understand the markets. !!!


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    Well that is optimistic - if investors thought win8 would have any effect - they aren't showing it.

    I think Apple have something else up their sleeve.

    Might be an announcement in Oct.
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