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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperfect1 View Post
    I'm not condoning the government's banning of super-sized sodas in NY, because I agree that it's not the government's place to dictate what we eat/drink. However, I do understand the REASONING behind the ban --- in addition to genuinely trying to take a first step in helping the obesity problem, the financial side of it is that later in life, when these millions of people DO become obese and develop extreme health problems because of their obesity, IT IS ALL OF US WHO END UP PAYING INCREASED MONEY for their healthcare, medical insurance etc, when all those costs go up!!!!
    Here's the problem: If people are going to be fat, they are going to be fat--unless they make up their mind not to be fat. If people are going to live an unhealthy live style, they will lead an unhealthy life stile--unless they decide not to. The government can put all the regulations on that they want, but it won't change things. Here's a question for you. During the probation in the USA when it was against the law to sell alcoholic drinks, did it stop people from getting drunk?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    pparks? That concern is pretty much null In void now. SURE you can take water to a sports game, just grab a container of Mio liquid water enhancer, as a PERFECT replacement for soda, there are tons of varieties as well, so there is one for everyone. And here is a
    review of it Drinkable Review: MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
    I'm familiar with Mio. I used to drink it regularly. Then I developed a problem where I had trouble with imsomnia. Did some research on sucralose which is the artificial sweetener used in Mio, and there seem to be quite the # of correlations to anxiety and insomnia related to splenda/sucralose. I eliminated my intake of sucralose and low and behold my sleeping issues more or less went away. Perhaps it was the placebo effect, or a mental trick that my mind was finally at rest thinking I had identified a root cause and my sleeping returned to normal.

    So, overall, I'm not a fan of artificial sweetners. As a lifelong runner, and person who exercises regularly, i have made the choice that the actual sugar for me is better than the artificial sweetners. I don't have weight or health problems, so I feel my choices are in my best interest.
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    That is sort of strange to myself. Usually it is a sugary products that causes insomnia, whereas Mio has an artificial sweetener. I agree with you that sugar is a better choice for a runner, you need the extra ooppph (energy) that sugar would supply. BUT notwithstanding, there are other sugared products that work just as well, and are convenient to take with you, and your water.
    YOU were talking about a CARBOHYDRATED solution AKA soda/pop/beer, and as a runner you KNOW this type of beverage will cause stomach cramps. So in any situation that is a bad choice for a runner.
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    I hate drinking water, can't do it. It's too bland for me and without any other benefit. Daily, I guzzle down freshly brewed green tea, a couple tablespoons of honey topped with ice. Not only do I take in lots of water, but eliminating free radicals and reducing my risk of cancer!
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    True, but it's his choice to make. As someone from NYC, I agree that Bloomberg is a bit of a nanny and his ideas are usually (usually) well-reasoned, but I'm pretty sure this particular one has no legal standing and will fall when taken to court. It's also going to hurt movie theatres especially hard, as they make very little on the film tickets themselves, but instead reap the lion's share of their profits on the concessions. Most theaters sell 16oz sodas as "small", but now it'll just be a soda. The prices will go up, people will buy less, and given this edict doesn't actually cover sales of beverages larger than 16oz at places like the grocery store or a convenience store (ala 7-Eleven), which is where the vast majority of these sorts of beverages are purchased, it's really a bit insane. It doesn't cover diet drinks, and it doesn't cover the areas where most sodas larger than 16oz are actually sold - the average American goes to the movies 4 times a year, and hits the concessions stands less than that - so banning large soda sales when not targeting where they're sold most isn't going to really have an overall effect.

    I don't personally like the idea of people drinking lots of carbonated, sugary (artificial or otherwise) drinks, but I most certainly don't think it's the government's place to tell you how much you can and cannot ingest of a legal substance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    YOU were talking about a CARBOHYDRATED solution AKA soda/pop/beer, and as a runner you KNOW this type of beverage will cause stomach cramps. So in any situation that is a bad choice for a runner.
    Well, I wouldn't guzzle down a softdrink and then head out the door for a run, but if the software is consumed 30-60 minutes before a run, I've experienced no ill effects.
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