Microsoft Surface Phone device found in benchmark app? - Neowin

First off, there is potential HUGE news. The speculation that Microsoft will end up building their own Windows Phone 8 may be very well true. A benchmarking site found just that. I've once read that a Nokia Lumia phone was detected a while back to be on Verizon's network. This was about a year ago. That hasn't come to fruition, but it will in a few months. This is both exciting and also a problem for OEMs once again, but once again, competition is competition. Shoot, I think I might end up camping out in BOTH lines for the Surface Pro and Surface Phone!!

Microsoft Surface TV commercial being made in Italy? - Neowin

Speaking of the Surface, it seems Microsoft's stance that the Surface won't be sold worldwide, sold in retail stores like Best Buy, and will be available in a few Microsoft Stores and online; but that doesn't seem like it's totally the truth. Apparently, they're going to be advertising this on TV (GOOD! USE THE TELLY TO ADVERTISE MICROSOFT!!!). Not only have they finished filming their advert in Italy (a strange basis for a commercial to find where in the world to find the best bread) but in LA and New York City, some street art has been photographed of the Surface.

All I want is price, (JUST TAKE MY MONEY), specs, and the unveiling if it's true of the Surface Phone. I'm pretty sure we're seeing the development of a Microsoft that is keeping some details secret. They said they weren't releasing a new company logo, they did. They said and everyone assumed they would never get into the PC building business, they have. They also said that they won't be building a phone, pretty sure they will.