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Some very bad news for 8........

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    Some very bad news for 8........


    Canadians’ love for their mobile gadgets may be on the wane, suggests new research, which found that the average time they spend staring at those glowing screens is on the decline.
    A new survey from Ipsos Reid found that Canadians are still using their smartphones, tablets and e-readers with the same frequency as they were when the polling firm asked in 2011.
    However, they are spending less time on average using these gadgets.
    “Initially, seasonality was suspected as a cause of this reported behaviour,” Mary Beth Barbour, senior vice president with Ipsos Reid, said in a news release.
    “However, the average duration of use has failed to return to the higher levels recorded a year earlier in spring 2011. This is beginning to suggest a potential shift in usage patterns.”
    According to the findings, Canadians said that they used their smartphones 222 times, tablets 115 times and e-readers 38 times each month. Those figures remained steady compared with results from the 2011 survey.
    Canadians said that in 2012, they spent 2.8 hours per day on their smartphones, down from 3.3 hours in 2011. Tablet use was down from 3.2 hours to 2.4 hours, and e-reader use declined from 2.1 hours to 1.8 hours.
    Respondents were also downloading new apps to their smartphones and tablets less frequently.
    Barbour attributed the findings to a number of factors, including that gadgets are now used by a broader segment of the population beyond the most tech-savvy experts. Users who aren’t gadget gurus may use their phones and tablets less frequently.
    Also, it is likely that “Canadians are maturing as mobile users,” she said.
    “Decreases may be due in part to users settling in with their device and usage levels normalizing as the novelty wears off and users are in less of an exploratory phase.”
    The findings are based on an online study, with the first phase conducted in February 2011 and the second phase in March and April of 2012. Each phase included data from the Ipsos Opinions Online Panel of 2,000 Canadians.
    The results were based on a sample that was weighted to balance demographics and ensure that it matched Canada’s online population according to Census data.

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    Not really. So Canadians probably won't upgrade to Win 8. So what?
    As long as Rush keep producing kick ass music, I'll be happy!!!!!
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    Canadians spending less time on tablets, smartphones | CTVNews

    I'll buy that. Seems to me not very surprising.

    At first there was a wow, toy like elemeent - now they are just devices - they use them when they need to get at something.

    The excitement of the new is waning.
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    That and they find out after some use that they won't do everything they thought they would do when they bought them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geddeeee View Post
    Not really. So Canadians probably won't upgrade to Win 8. So what?
    As long as Rush keep producing kick ass music, I'll be happy!!!!!


    I've been saying for a while that the phone/tablet market was about saturated. Those that wanted one have one. Tablets especially I think fall into the "fad" like category where people buy them and then within 6-12 months, most people are barely using them. Phones not so much because they are always on your person.

    MS has a HUGE battle on it's hands to move forward with any sort of market share. They know it, that's why they have forced the tablet interface on our desktops; To train us like circus animals to use their phone/tablet interface and therefore make us much more susceptible to considering a Windows phone/tablet in the future.

    The market for expensive tablets is softening (Minus the Apple Fanboyism which, while considerable, MS will NEVER break into, or have on their own). The low end is going to be hot for some time as people that thought $600 was insane for a tablet may be willing to spend $250. But it'll only be another 12 months or so before the rush into the low end slows back down as saturation kicks in there too.

    Upshot is, it's going to be a long haul to break into an area where the gold rush is nearly over...
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    I don't see a Windows 8 tablet PC as a toy thing. It's a tablet PC, and as of yet, there isn't a product out there like it.
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