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    You're welcome.

    My first modem was 1200 bps. I used it to connect my Amiga A1000 to the university computer. I used a VT100 emulator to read email. We had BITNET. No Internet. BITNET was a series of listservs used to house mailing lists. You sent email to the listserv, and it sent it out to the other subscribers. That would have been about 1987. The university got Internet in 1990.

    Before that you could get a Compuserve account. Dial a phone number in the next town, it forwarded you to Compuserve. Cost was $5 per hour.

    The first PCs the university had were Tandy 1000 SXs. XT compatibles. Two 5.25 inch hard drives, 512 megs of ram. 10 meg hard drive. Had Word Star on it, Lotus 1-2-3, which used both floppies. We had one Apple ][+. Green phospher monitor.

    Some of the secretaries had Tandy Model IVs with a ribbon cabled 5.25 inch floppy drive. They used Scripsit to write business letters. Other secretaries had IBM Selectrics. Both groups looked down on the othero ne. And the ones with selectrics had a pecking order based on how many font balls they could talk their boss into buying.

    Ah, the good old days... :-p

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    I'm glad to see the "older" ones posting here. I think the younger need to see more "personal" stories along with their study material and/or encyclopedia articles. I feel they'll get more insight that way.

    Of course I'd like to see the younger posting as well, even if you have a short history.

    Thanks to all for posting.
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    My first contact with computers was in 1962 in the Air Force. In 1966 I went to work for RCA Service Co on the AF Eastern Test Range project and was stationed at the Ascension Island tracking station. One of the computers at the tracking station was a hybrid Tube/Transistor Univac system at one of the radar sites. I've worked with them ever since in one capacity or another. As a hardware tech, as a Telemetry Processor (special purpose computer) Programmer at NASA on the Apollo project and finally for 23 years as the Regional LAN/WAN Network and Hardware Help Desk Manager, and the site engineer for SSA in Kansas City, Mo.

    My first "PC" was a Commodore VIC 20, and finally to PC's where I worked. Our first office PC was an 80286 CPU system. As we progressed more into PC's and away from computer "workstations" ("dumb" terminals) I had many PC's including several banks of IBM PS/2's and several IBM LAN Network Manager PC's that ran on OS/2. We eventually migrated to LAN's and severs at the offices and I had a Novell certification (CNA but had CNE training).

    My "fireberd" screen name was stolen from the TTC "Fireberd" T1 data link test set. I've had the fireberd screen name since the old AOL "Qlink" days.
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    HippsieGypsie — Would "Scholastic Scholar" be the magazine name you were looking for in OP?

    - As a child watching U.S. elections when some of the first mainframes predicted the results. I wasn't born yet for the prediction of the 1950 elections where the UNIVAC predicted a landslide for Eisenhower (100 to 1 odds) and the CBS news cast covered it up for unbelief, then recanted afterwards, but learned about it in early grade school reading an article in a school quarterly magazine. (For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the magazine. It's on the tip of my tongue but can't get it out. If anyone has a clue, please let me know.) You can read about it here: UNIVAC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Well rat my PC, pcRat! Your mentioning it again must have connected the few brain cells I have left. "Scholastic Scholar" wasn't it, but it finally came to me > "Highlights Magazine". Highlights for Children - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I hadn't thought about this I wrote the OP.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post. It brought back a lot of good memories. You really made my day!
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    I remember Highlights real good now that you mention it. Until 6th grade.
    Anyway, there definitely was a Scholastic Book Club that we ordered books from each month. For some reason I only remember the Henry Huggins series by Beverly Cleary.

    Scholastic Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ahhh, the 50's & 60's
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    I remember Scholastic as well, but in my public high school years for I went to a parochial grade school that didn't carry that. Thank you for the link on that, my good friend.

    Yes, the 50's and 60's. What an exciting time to grow up, eh?! How did we ever survive without all this high tech?
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    How did we survive?

    We went outside to play or we found something to do indoors.
    We wrote out our homework assignments on paper. If we were lucky we had access to a typewriter for those term papers.
    If we needed to look something up we went to the library and searched the card catalog and then went to hunt down the book. The encyclopedias at the library were a great resource too.
    If you needed to go someplace you usually walked or rode your bicycle. Only Dad drove the (one) family car.
    As kids we ran all over the neighborhood. When the streetlights came on at night we knew it was time to go home.

    High tech in the 60s was a transistor radio, color TV, or touch-tone phone.
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    Just to be sure > I was being cynical with my question.

    Yes, that's how it was in those days. Life seemed so much simpler then. I'm reminded of the scene in the movie Shawshank Redemption when the old man played by James Whitmore, being released after many years, is trying to cross the busy street nearly being run over buy a speeding disrespectful driver. He comments in his letter back to his friends in prison how "The world sure got itself in a big damn hurry!"

    Now we have instant everything at lightning-fast speeds. Its good in some ways, but I wouldn't necessarily call it progress in other ways. In fact the experts say that we would be much better off economically without all this tech because it cost us more than what its worth. The good old pen and paper would have been more feasible. On the other hand, it gives you IT Pros and everyone in the industry a way to make a living, which is a good thing.

    Lol! Without it I wouldn't be posting this via my cell phone on this forum now would I?!
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    "Yes, the 50's and 60's. What an exciting time to grow up, eh?! How did we ever survive without all this high tech? "

    It's hard to explain my view but, I think the most important part of that equation for me was being born in 1954.
    A lot of technological futurology came from comic books, cartoons and Museum of Science & Industry. My favorite technological display was telephones where you could call someone in another booth and see them as you talked on the telephone. How cool is that?
    The most common high tech gadget was the manual cash registers with the pull-handle on side after every price was punched in.
    Computers were something I became aware of around 1963 or 64 maybe. When the reduced the size down to only one city block or something similiar. It definetly was not anything most people envisioned in most homes like a TV. Come to think of it, a lot of people were dreaming of owning their first TV. 13" black & white was common and a 19" or 21" was BIG SCREEN. Over time, with technology TVs have become so affordable with various sizes & features that they get planted around the house like flower seeds.
    In the 50's & 60's . How many us really imagined a TV with a screen larger than 27"? TV capable of streaming from internet?
    A friend got caught in Math using a TI calculator in 1970. Teacher went with lecture about what we would do if we had jobs using calculators and power went out. Telling us we still need to learn math because business doesn't stop when power fails. She couldn't have been more wrong. I was working as a gas station cashier in 2005 and a storm put power out. I couldn't go home before dark because it may come back on before dark. I was told to lock the door, do not hang the closed sign and tell people I can't sell anything because the register doesn't work without power. Six hours later it got dark, now I could hang the closed sign and go home.
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