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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you don't know perogis. Everyone will tell you that potato, or cheese is the ONLY way to go.
    Everyone except where I came from. Genuine 1st and 2nd generation Chicago Poles. I think that may be a slightly biased evaluation coming from a Texas BBQ head. You're from Texas if I remember correctly?

    I can remember reading a thread where you and others were discussing BBQ shortly after I signed up here. I learned a few things. I'll listen to you all day long on that, but perogies?!

    Lol! Put that on your pit and brush it!
    LMAO what's being a Texan, and knowing Polish cuisine have to do with one another? I also eat flacki, kabanoski, glunki, COME on NOW, you didn't think I was a BBQ only cowboy did you? AND seeing that you had mentioned BBQing, the night before when I set up my marinade I use as part of my ingrediences vegeta. NOW how does that strike your tummy?
    LOL! Ok. It sounds tasty. It also sounds like you've been in the kitchen cooking more that once.

    Quite honestly, I don't like to cook. It's not one of my interests. I like good food, though, and my physique is showing it at my age. I see you know some Polish dishes, but I think some of your spelling may have to be corrected. Probably got mistranslated by the Southern drawl, y'all have down there. Not trying to put you down. Just funnin' you.

    Glunki must be gołąbki (pronounced go-wump-key). Kabanoski? Is that a family you know down there? I believe it's kabanos. You are correct on flacki.

    Anywho, here's a good article of Wikipedia that's pretty good on Polish cuisine. I'm familiar with a lot of this food for I grew up with it. I was never big on the pickled side of the food, though. It seems I have to be in the mood for that. All the rest I really enjoy.

    Polish cuisine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Did you have your Wigilia tonight?

    Hey! Let's you and me go to Art's house unanounced tomorrow morn for that pierogi breakfast he spoke of!

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    Windows 8.1 64-bit

    My first home computer was a Sinclair ZX-81, it had 1 kilobyte of memory. I bought the 16 kilobyte add on a few months later. Cost for all of that was $150 not including shipping. Took 7 minutes to save a program to audio tape. I bought an Amiga A500 years later.
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    Thanks for posting your history, Jim. You certainly dated yourself as you stated in the age category thread. You must have had a quite interesting career indeed!

    What I found interesting also was the extensive articles in Wekipedia on the machines and manufacturers.
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    I had an Apple IIC with EGA monitor. An IBM PC 5150 with Hercules Graphics Adapter. My 1st very expensive purchase was $600 for a 20MB (yes, MB, not GB) hard drive followed by a 2400boud modem to get online to access BBS's (bulletin boards).
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    Sorry I overlooked your post here, Art. Busy Holiday season I guess!

    It's amazing how technology is exponentially changing these days in both hardware and software. And as you stated the prices for what one gets these days is very reasonable.

    So tell us....How's your modem baud rate doing these days?
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    Hi Guys.
    Read this just after done Sunday morning biking while having looking at many chicks doing fun on the street
    I was a stranger to PCs until having one XT series with 5.25 floppy in early 9. Later a modem with 128bps, I forgot it was Hayes or else.
    In my country modem is not the matter. Up to the recent me having 100kbps is a bless. Envy to many countries that let ppl have up to 1mbps or more.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 bit

    It wasn't until 1990 that I used a computer for the first time at work. I can't remember the make, but it ran on dual floppy drives and the OS was Unix based. I didn't purchase my first home PC until 1996 and if I remember correctly, it was made by Packard Bell and ran Windows 95. My next PC was a Gateway that came with Windows Millenium installed and oh boy was that a disaster. I remember it would lock up all the time and the only way I could shut the computer down was to pull the power cord. Needless to say, when Windows XP came around I was a very happy camper.
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    Anybody remember Expanded Memory Managers like Quarterdeck QEMM? I would work *way* into the wee hours of the morning trying to get my config.sys and autoexec.bat files loaded using as little memory as possible. I'm talking trying to save one or two additional bytes here. If I hit on a combo that shaved off 20 bytes I was plowing some tall cotton.

    How about purchasing software that included *real* documentation? I remember ordering Microsoft's C compiler. The UPS guy literally had to bring it to the front door with a hand truck. 'Course I ordered it by phone, there was no web in those days. That box weighed 50 pounds easy. This was when writing the typical "Hello World" program under Windows took 120+ lines of code and Petzold's "Programming Windows" was the bible of the day. If you wanted to write Windows programs you coded 'em by hand in C with a text editor.

    First PC compatible that I owned was a PC Designs FD-1000 that I built myself. As I recall 256K of memory and dual floppies. My first 386 was a Northgate tower. 8M memory of which 640k was useable, 20M hard drive, dual floppies. Cost $5,299. Turn it on and whatcha get for that cash? C:\> on the screen.

    MultiMate word processor? The one where you had to configure your own printer drivers. WordStar was probably the same.

    When PC Magazine was nearly an inch thick and actually covered PC's from first page to the last?

    When a 1200 baud modem was "high speed"?

    When Norton was a real person with a face and first name (Peter)?

    IBM's Token Ring vs. thick or thin wire Ethernet? How about SMC's Arcnet? A network running over phone twisted pair? Wow, what a concept!

    What the ascii string MZ means in the first two bytes of every .exe program when you look at it with a hex editor? To this day they are still there.

    .ini files instead of a registry? Man, talk about blunders. The registry has to be the biggest boneheaded idea to come out of the annals of computer history. Way to go Microsoft. I hope whoever the nutcase is that came up with that idea is relegated to writing Z-80 machine code for the rest of his/her miserable days.

    - G=C800:5

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    I remember installing my first company network. Network cards had to be installed in each computer & connected by shielded wire cable. We had three large buildings. I think it was called a "Token Ring" system.

    Don't remember the name of the network cards, but after a long installation of cable & software, it worked!

    We ran a Quality Control system on it that was written in Spaghetti Basic. (horrors!) I wake up at night just thinking of making changes to it) I think the computers were either Dell or Gateway.

    That must have been about 1986!

    The oldest fart on this forum will be 84 on Feb 14th!

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    I did the same thing Tully; installed the first company LAN in Revco DS Inc HR department. They were later bought out by CVS. We used thin cable Ethernet. I can't remember what cards we used either; in those days we had to configure the addresses on banks of dip switches on 'em. We just strung the cables all around the offices and cubes. I remember the facilities dood whining saying we couldn't do that. The Exec VP of HR taught him otherwise. We needed to run a segment upstairs and that's where we used Arcnet cards. Phone guys thought we were nuts when we told 'em why we needed some dedicated twisted pair punched in the phone closets. Hooked all that up to a Compaq 286 sitting in the corner of my office running Novell 2.1, fired 'er up and the dang thing worked. We also had this thing called a "Batram", a big box that was really just a a RAM disk. As I recall, we had about 20Meg of RAM in it and it cost well north of $2,000.

    I see Gunny Sergeant in your profile. Thank's for your service and welcome home. I did 20 in the Army, half enlisted, half warrant officer. And let me be the first to wish ya a premature Happy Birthday. :-) I just hit 64 so I'm up there too, still hacking code, leading an Oracle PeopleSoft development team and still loving it.

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