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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Quote Originally Posted by BongoKongo View Post
    I remember when I was young I had to reinstall windows about 3-4 times every month for about a year..
    I just jumped right in blindfolded with an axe & hacked away..Broke a lot, but learned a lot too.
    Thankfully I learned pretty quickly that if something aint broke don't try to fix it.
    Now I only reinstall when I upgrade the PC's Gizzards..
    I used to reinstall after so much as a driver update and like you ALWAYS when I upgraded a piece of hardware. I'm well over all that now, I just wait til bluescreens are more than once a day, then its an image restore or complete reinstall. I prefer the image, installing these days takes me more than 2 days. Because I am a hoarder.

    Great thread Hippsie, I hadn't noticed it before. Maybe my stint being rather unwell cleared some cobwebs.

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    Thanks, antspants. It's good to see you posting again!

    Perhaps you'll consider sharing your history? Hmmm?
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    Good Ol' Days

    This is Tully, one of the 3 oldest on this forum!

    It is great to hear from guys like you that had the same experience in the first computer applications.
    & proved that you don't have to have a string of degrees that says it "can't be done"!

    I was in the "Space Race". My first computer that I worked on was PDP 8E. The input & output was ASCII 8 Chanel punched tape. We used a TECTRONIC Oscilloscope to read the feedback info.

    Like you I was a Maverick", that is I was an experienced in many disciplines. Electric, Electronic, Hydraulics, Compressed Air Circuits, Water, Air Conditioning, Machine Design, ETC.

    Like you when a "So Called expert were consulted the first thing he wanted was "Schematics"!

    The first machine we designed for the space age & built was a 3Axis milling machine. The specifications called for tolerances unheard of! The hydraulics were a nightmare, electronics & servo systems had never been used before!

    Had to have a special electrical grounding system, air conditioned room with temperature held to +- 1/2 Degree,

    All hydraulics system were water cooled & the machine was mounted on a steel reinforced concrete block 15' X 15' X 10' deep with a vibration insulation all around!

    The material we machine was "Top Secret". The group that came to verify the machine had special equipment to prevent any of the "Secret Material" being left behind.

    Nuff said, I ended up as Vice President Engineering & Research! My wife & I retired at 56! The was over 30 years ago!

    We invented the space Industry!

    That "OLD FART"

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    Windows 8.1 64-bit

    Thanks Tully !

    I watched live on television Ham being launched into space. Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. The launch failures, the lack of info from the Soviet Space launches. Shows explaining the early space program, the lead in film was a V-2 launch in the US desert Southwest.

    We used Techtronic scopes in the U.S. Navy to find problems in vacuum radar sets aboard a US Navy destroyer.

    edit: I wrote this back in 2006.

    lps (live poet society): through a window; past, present, and future

    some of this, some of that.

    Right over there, is a window.

    It opens up into various times and places.

    hold on tight. We are about to Lift Off !

    [ Copyright by me, 2006-2014. All Rights Reseved. ]

    [ background music: "Take my Breath Away" by Berlin ]
    [ the words aren't a substitute for the words in the song. ]
    [ But its like the song was playing down the hall from the room ]
    [ you are reading the poem in.]

    I remember, long ago and far away in time,
    I was just a kid in my grandparent's living room,
    watching the early broadcasts,
    from the Cape, over in Florida.

    I watched and waited,
    with slow and sometimes quickened breath,
    waiting for a launch window to open,
    for a satellite to be placed,
    into orbit,
    aboard an Atlas booster,
    with an Agena rocket on top.

    Ham the Chimp,
    and Laika the Dog,
    paving the way,
    into Earth orbit,
    for humans,
    long years ago.

    Watching the television,
    and seeing the rockets,
    exploding on the launch pad,
    or being told by the commentator,
    that the range safety officer,
    had made the decision,
    due to an off course rocket.

    And hearing the people,
    who seemed to think,
    a rocket had to have air to push against,
    Newton musta been laughing,
    at them being wide awake, yet so asleep.

    The rockets went into airless space anyway.

    They just reacted,
    to their engines' mighty thrust,
    they had no cares of what,
    the uneducated pundits had to say.

    I remember the successes,
    and the crashes,
    and explosions.

    Some astronauts and cosmonauts,
    made it into space,
    and some did not.

    I remember those spaceship launches,
    from long ago,
    and some memory upon occasion,
    of being told, "Breathe !"
    by someone less inclined to watch the launch,
    than me.

    Aw, I knew what I was doing,
    I was breathing,
    just shallow-like,
    I wanted the ship to make it,
    where ever it was headed.

    I had to listen,
    no distractions,
    I was a loud breather when excited back then,
    now I just watch and wait,
    breathing less noisily.

    [background music: a spritely upbeat guitar solo ]
    [ with the occasional downbeat, when necessary ]

    I remember the nutters,
    saying man wasn't meant to go into outer space,
    yet, they went from city to city,
    without flapping their arms,
    how soon they forget what came before,
    aircraft. Maybe they enjoyed shank's mare,
    to get across a continent.

    Them Prairie Schooner wagons didn't build themselves,
    ya know !

    [ background music: full orchestration ]

    I know,
    my kith and kin,
    and other folks as well,
    will get up into orbit,
    go to the other planets,
    solar systems we can only guess at,
    nebulae that are just a photograph,
    go across the galaxy,
    maybe not right away,
    but someday.

    I know, I know,
    some folks don't want to go.

    That is up to them,
    but I feel the tug,
    of horizon fever,
    and the call of the wild goose,
    saying, "There are planets out there,
    we have only dreamed of. 'Tis time,
    to get out there,
    people and spaceships,
    to the far horizons,
    way out there,
    beyond the clouds,
    and sky,
    of Earth."

    [ exit ]
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    A great poem!

    That says it all!

    OLD Saying;

    Open Verse;

    I knew you were a poet,
    I could tell by your feet
    They are "Longfellow's"

    That "Old Fart"


    By the way if "Hipsie" is out there I tried to answer his note but could not open it.
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    Great posts, stories, and poems, guys!

    Happy belated 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. That put a real damper on the Soviets plans in the space race and cold war. They never got a person up there yet! That we know of, anyway.

    Tully, it's good to see you posting again! Just checking on how you're doing in the private message. Go to your User CP at the top of the page. Then at the left you'll see your inbox. Tap that and you'll see a link to my message titled "Tony". Poems
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    70 in 7 months time.
    At 18 I was writing up company receipts on Kalamzoo stationery, no calculator to balance receipts and banking. My head was the only PC I had. And mesmerised by the head book-keeper punching away at a mechanical "Computator", I still don't know how that thing worked, but it sounded like a demolition hammer in full throttle. And the mechanical book-keeping machine updating account cards.

    The nearest I got to a computer was pushing bundles of punch cards on a hand cart about a quarter of a mile across town to the "process room"
    Losing a few cards along the way when rubber bands around bundles snapped under the load. The PR was air-conditioned and the size of a basketball court. My very first experience and envy of AC, it was an absolute novelty. and heaven on a stick in Australian summers.

    Nine years later (after university and with itchy feet) I applied for two jobs and got them both. One selling books to bookshops and the other with Honeywell selling computer time to engineers. At 27 going on about 15 the cushiest looked like bookselling.

    At 38 an Amstrad Word processor. A whopping 256KB of memory. Turning the beast on and inserting the application disc to load the program.
    I never did understand the ASCII codes. No monitor only a single line of text in a strip on a sort-of screen.
    And a dot matrix printer. We thought we were so cool.

    My first PC was Windows 95 and I floundered for a few years. Then came the new millennium (2000) and the introduction of VAT (GST here in OZ) and it was panic stations as I realised running my own business could no longer be run on the back of an envelope and cards.
    In 2003 I needed system tools for my business and taught myself VBA, and I was able to sell some Excel addins and AutoCad addins.
    In 2007 radiation to my head and chemo have knocked out a substantial number of braincells. Ten months of morphine also knocked out a few more synapses.
    To get the grey matter moving again I decided to rewrite all my "programs/addins .... a real struggle.
    The sister forum, SevenForums, was a big part of my recovery.

    With Linux Mint on a stick (thanks to "whs") Linux is my next adventure. But before that I have a few PCs for others to sort out.
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    Windows 8.1 64-bit

    I'm approaching 68. I have read posts by people who endured drum memory, core, and paper tape. And miss working on such beasts.

    I don't remember if I mentioned this in here or not. But years about, about 1991, several of us on an Amiga computer listserv mailing list decided home computers would never reach 1GHz speeds nor have a terrabyte of storage.
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    I remember having one of the early macintosh computers it was a black and white all in one unit it was called the classic 2 and at the time all we had for internet was a very slow pre 56k modem connection. dial up and most internet stuff was all text no graphics.
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    Windows 8.1

    Great read about peoples history into computers

    My first recollections of using computers was in 1981, this was with the Sinclair ZX81, 1K memory, touch keyboard and you had to enter all code yourself, being 14 at the time this was a great thing to get
    The successor to this came out around '84 time, the Sinclair Spectrum, it was now colour, had a better keyboard and came with a huge 16K of memory (32 if you wanted also), day of the release of this I remember going to Manchester (about 2 hour drive from home) to get one from a computer show, I remember learning to code in BASIC on this

    I did a course shortly after this (when I left school), using an Apple (cant remember model) and also the BBC Model B micro computer, learning more programming

    A few years after I also had an Acorn Electron, and Commodore Vic 20 Home machine

    After this is was mainly computers for work, not at home, 8086 followed by 8088 processors running DOS, linked upto mainframes where I did programming (also tried to learn COBOL but hated it)

    The next one I had at home was a 286, with windows 3.1 some where in the early 90's
    Late 90's got a Pentium, and have been replacing every 4 yours or so since
    From 2007 till 2013 I went fully Apple, wanted to know how iOS, OS X all worked
    2013 back to windows and its how I am now

    There are other version of Windows machines used but I cant remember the years, 95 when it am out, same with 98 etc
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