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Personal Computer Related Memories - I Remember:

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    The first time I used a computer was at community college in 1976. They had a Texas Instruments Silent Writer 7000. Looked like a teletype. Had a 300 baud acoustical modem attached. No screen. Heat transfer printer. Dialed a telephone number, got a modem pickup at the other end, quickly set the telephone into the acoustical coupler. I used it maybe twice. No idea what was on the other end of the telephone line. We used it for graphs done in Calculus.

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    Hi JimJoe. Thanks for posting your history.

    Do you have one too many zeros? Is this it?
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    The first computer I used was a 25 Mhz IBM.

    IBM PS/1 (model 2155)Type Personal computer
    Operating system IBM-DOS / Windows 3.1
    CPU Intel 80486SX @ 25 MHz
    Memory 2 MB ~ 6 MB

    That is all the memory you "will ever need".

    It booted from a 3˝ inch floppy disc.

    The screen was tiny.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    My Uncle developed the first Large Scale storage devices for IBM - They were Cylinders that would hold quite a bit of Information. I remember my Heathkit Catalogs selling "Analog Computers" - I have no idea what those were or how they acted, probably used Op-Amps.

    In 1949 some IBM guys developed a Tube that could store binary information - This was called the Selectron tube and it was the very first BINARY CPU. It was featured in the February 1949 Issue of Astounding Science Fiction, a well written article by JJ Coupling. I found the issue in SF when I was browsing through old Sci Fi pulp magazines. Maybe I'll scan it and post it.

    When I was attending ITT Tech, my dad bought me an original IBM PC-XT. It had two 5 1/4" Floppy Bays. We bought a WD 20 MB Hard Drive. and stuck the 8086 Math Co Processor in it. It was loaded for Bear, and it had a full compliment of 640kb of Ram. I replaced each module with the best Ram I could buy, they came in a long tube. I used that computer for my homework for three years, and then I used it for CADD for another 2 years. I loved that computer, it taught me a lot. I bought a Hercules 8 Bit Colour Graphics card, and I was awed by its color. I remember when the first 24 bit colour graphics cards came out, they were very expensive albeit primitive compared to what's available now. I ran Dos 3 on it, I could not run much of anything else. But AutoCAD version 10 worked just fine, but it took an hour to render my drawings.
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    You must be older than me (84)to go back that far!

    I designed & helped build the first "Flat Bed" computerized drafting machine with a Westinghouse CPU control. It progressed from drawing onto aluminium panels "Lofting" & cutting them out by hand to computer design & computer panel cutting.
    It was built for Lockheed Aviation (The "U2" spy plane) They came in & watched the demonstration, left & we shipped it to Long Beach CA where the"Skunk Works, with Kelly Johnson" was located. I was also involved in the "Space Race" designing & building computer operated machine tools for making missile parts. The accuracy required & met is a whole story in itself.

    I used AutoCAD, I think it was on a PDP 8E with EIA ASCII 8 channel punched tape input & output.

    Enough rambling!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Hi JimJoe. Thanks for posting your history.

    Do you have one too many zeros? Is this it?

    Silent 700 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Nope, not that one. The 7000 was a newer one. I used it in 1976. The 700 was from earleir.
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Sometime during the summer of 1984 I wrote a letter to one of the first PC magazines in Finland, to be published in the readers letters section. I was concerned about how the PC manufacturers, mainly IBM, were ignoring private users.

    In my letter I complained about hard disk sizes; I could not understand why the manufacturers only made these gigantic hard disks clearly meant for business use, for no individual private user would never need that enormous 10 MB storage space (no typo here, I mean 10 MB!). I felt I was made to pay extra for if I needed a hard disk I had to buy one of these giants. The IBM PC XT which I had bought beginning of 1984 for instance came equipped with a 10 MB drive although as I stated in my letter a 4 to 5 MB hard disk would be enough for any normal user for the rest of the life.

    How wrong was I!
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    Click image for larger version

    Me sitting at an IBM DesignCad 3-D System about 1986. I installed it & introduced them to IT

    It was used to design toner tanks for Xerox copy machines & produced on plastic Blow Moulding machines.
    Note pin printer to the right.

    This company was just starting & had NO computer experience.

    The company is called "MERGON International" Now has plants in the Ireland, USA, Romania,
    & future plants in Asia.

    I feel very honoured to have had a small part in their huge success.

    This is when I first moved to Ireland.

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    Thanks for posting your history and keeping this thread alive, Fellow Forumeers. I really enjoy reading them for various reasons.

    I get to know members better.

    I learn a lot.

    It leaves a historical mark somewhere in this fast-moving world. Something the younger may want to know to get a sense of what it was like with the new technology of this machine called a computer.

    Thank you, JimJoe. I stand corrected on the extra 0. Again, I learned something.

    You never cease to amaze me, Tully. You've had quite a career. I've noticed you're quite proud of it and rightfully so. That's not to say that I want to leave out others. I see a lot of you had fulfilling careers in IT. It's just that Tully and few others predate the invention of the modern electronic computer, so they more or less had a head start in the industry.

    True confession; I'm jealous in a way. I didn't get into the field when I could have. Its not a piercing regret in my life, for I did well in my field. I like what I do and made/make a good living.

    The computer was/is a great tool that aided me in my business. Quite the time saver in estimating and bidding. Hours and hours sitting behind a PC performing that. Lol! I can't imagine what it was like doing it long-handed with form and pencil!

    The plow, the printing press, the gun (for food not war), the steam engine (later the internal combustion engine), and the computer are probably the machines or mechanisms that hurled mankind into a better way of living more than anything. I dare say the computer being the top dog because of its versatility and speed.

    Did you see the latest? Almost twice as fast!


    MANNHEIM, Germany; BERKELEY, Calif.; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.--Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China’s National University of Defense Technology, is the world’s new No. 1 system with a performance of 33.86 petaflop/s on the Linpack benchmark, according to the 41stedition of the twice-yearlyTOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. The list was announced June 17 during the opening session of the 2013 International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany.
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    My success would not have been possible without MATH!

    I try to impress young people that they have a great future ahead! I was born in the 1929 bank collapse.
    I also went through 3 major recessions & still survived. Always live BELOW your means, then you will not be caught out!

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