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File analysis question... or challenge :)

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    File analysis question... or challenge :)

    Let me quickly explain what this is about... I have been conducting some listening trials of different audio components using .wav files. In order to randomise the files they have been given arbitrary names by renaming the file in the time honoured way, right clicking, selecting rename and so on.

    Question... is the original file name still available hidden in some way within the renamed file to those expert enough to know how to retrieve it.

    I have attached a 10 second .wav file to this post. The file was produced using Audacity and the audio exported using a particular file name. It was then renamed 'Z'. Is it possible to retrieve the original file name from this file ?
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    Just in case anyone wondered, this isn't a trick question or anything like that. The whole integrity of a 'listening test'depends on the original device type (which was the original file name) not being available to those using the files and I'm afraid my computer skills aren't up to knowing what is hackable or not.
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    I downloaded z.wav, renamed it to z.bin, and opened it with hex editor pro app. There is no indication of ANY filename in the file itself, just the standard RIFF and WAV filetype indicators necessary for Windows to properly open it, regardless of filename. Perhaps file history if on, would list a former filename, however I personally don't use file history, except for creating system images. Hope this helps answer your question/challenge.
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    Thanks Guy, your a star Yes, I was afraid that there might have been some identifier back to the original file names used, and which could have been used by 'those in the know' to skew the results.

    This was what it was all about,
    Listening Test. Trying to understand what we think we hear. - diyAudio

    The big reveal tomorrow.

    Edit. I tried... I failed.
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