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    No thanks to Windows 10.

    Quite simply, I don't want Windows 10.

    I run Win 8.1 on fairly low spec machine but with a little tweaking Win 8.1 does everything I want. I have tried Windows 10 four times now and am not impressed. Privacy is an issue. Bing is another. Microsoft Edge is a disapointment. Microsoft trying to tie/link almost everything to Microsoft is a biggie for me. Updates without permission and then the Crash or endless loop syndrome.

    I started with PC's about 1980 through CP/M, DOS, Windows 2, 3, 3.1, 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and OS/2, Linux, and if I forgot an OS call it old age.

    Favourite OS's. XP, Vista, 8.1. Yes, Vista, when trimmed of all the bloat Vista was/is still a viable OS.

    Windows 10 seems to want to take control of the user. Gee, thanks Microsoft. I thought the user was supposed to have control.

    So many unused apps running in the background. For the average, "switch the PC on and use it" Windows 10 seems to be directed toward creating a mindset the average user eventually accepts.

    Yes, I have found Windows 10 unstable even on a new PC less than two months old. Windows 8.1, never a problem. Windows 8.1 can be changed without danger to be a GUI very similar to XP without any Classic Shell kit or, "major surgery".

    I am annoyed at Microsoft for sneaking the Windows 10 upgrade in the usual, "patch Tuesday" updates with no way of getting rid of it. Gee, thanks Microsoft.

    Rave rave, rant rant.

    Old Kanga.
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    Windows 8.1:

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    I don't plan on upgrading to Windows 10 because I never upgrade my Windows Vista lap top, my Windows 7 or my Windows 8 lap top to another OS, although my Windows 7 is currently at my parents waiting on Daddy to have time to fix something on it, he's busy taking care of Mom, the cat, and the house. I also love my computer as it is now, and see no reason to change it. My parents for a long time refused to use anything but Windows XP but are now using Windows 7, both of them are. My parents can't stand 8.1, mine is the one I bought from my parents, it was my Mom's computer. There are a lot of things I read about Windows 10 that I don't like. But I do remember I didn't think I would like Windows 8 either but I fell in love with the apps real quickly but there are things I don't like about it so I love Windows 7 more. My favorite ones are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 though but my Windows XP lap top went missing in my home town, and had to be replaced with what I could find at the time in 2009 Windows Vista. I started out on Windows 3.1 then AST Windows 95 then Windows 95 then Windows Me had it for over 10 years it got stolen, then my first lap top was Windows XP.
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    Win 8, (VM win7, XP, Vista)

    Set up either VMWare or Virtual Box and test windows 10 in it to see it it is something you might really want to play around with. Or join the insider program to see if 10 is for you. With the insider program you get a chance to help Micorosoft make decission as to what direction the new OS is going. Also you get a chance to test and use the latest builds of the OS to decide whether this is your OS of the future. At this stage (build 10565) i am fairly happy to say if this was the last test build I would go with OS 10 as my Operating System of the future. . .my 2 cent).
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    Windows 8.1x64 Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    At this stage (build 10565) i am fairly happy to say if this was the last test build I would go with OS 10 as my Operating System of the future. . .my 2 cent).
    OS 10? You mean Mac OS X?
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