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Fake 'Microsoft' callers

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r010 View Post
    I usually get one or two a day but I'd had two by 11am today.

    This is the way I normally deal with them (see attached wav).

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    Rose Wilson!? Jenny Wilson from India!

    Zero : they're always trying to hit on you! hehehehe
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    I got bored winding them up, leading them down blind alleys a couple of weeks ago.
    So I answered the phone "Surrey police IT support I will ....."
    That is as far as I got. Their phone hung up so quickly I couldn't even finish my sentence
    I have not had a call since, I think I am getting withdrawal systems.
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    It's been ages since I've had one too. Sometimes you're just in the mood to play.
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    They ask you to press the Microsoft key, I say I have 4 computers and I'll turn them all on at the same time because I don't know what Operating Systems are on each one. The first one I say there is no start button just an Apple in the top right corner, the second I say there is an f in the top right corner, the third a circle. When I finally get to the Windows computer I say there is just an e with an i wrapped around it (Windows 8) and then they say press the key. I say which one the flag key. They say go to Event Viewer I count all the errors and warnings knowing full well that they aren't viruses or "infections" as they say. They then say go to the website and I say all the Internet browser errors I can think of. Then I finally go to the website and say can I pay now. Then when they say do you have a credit card. I say no and they get pissed off

    Or Method 2 I just say "what is a computer" and then I say "I don't have one of those" lol
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    I don't get those here in the USA but I still get amused by the lack of creativity in some of the spam e-mails I get:

    - I am a foreigner
    - The government is corrupt
    - I have milllions of dollars in a bank account
    - The money was meant for someone or belonged to someone (often a government official) who died in (pick one) (1) a car crash (2) a plane crash
    - There is nobody left to claim the money
    - All I need is for you to contact me and help me get the money into a US bank account
    - In return for your help I will give you a cut of the funds

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    "We're giving away Samsung Galaxy 3 and we're giving you $100 so would you like one?" "That phone is crappy as your mother" "Sorry I guess you like iPhone we also have a same deal for iPhone 4S but we are giving you $120 because its outd.." "Oh iPhone is crappy just like your grandmother."Hungs up Note that I don't hate Samsung Galaxy or iPhone and I'm about to switch to Samsung Galaxy. I've been recieving that exact same call for 3 times and I got pissed off :P They never phoned me again.
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    You should tell them that you want a Windows Phone, they probably don't even think that exists!
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    My aunt was called by them and they told her that her PC had a virus... so she showed them... She ran out and bought a new PC and threw the "old" one out... Unbelievable...
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Fake 'Microsoft' callers
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