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First System that you had Windows 8.1 on

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    Indianapolis, IN
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

    First System that you had Windows 8.1 on

    I am just curious about this, but what was the first system you had Windows 8.1 on, has anybody upgraded from 7 to 8.1 like me or bought there system new with it

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    Windows 8.1

    Went directly from XP SP3 to 8.1 pre-installed
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    Vista and Win7

    I bought one of the early $40 W8.0 versions and installed it in a virtual partition. That was upgraded to W8.1. Then I have 2 laptops and a tablet that came with 8.1.
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    Windows 8.1

    This Dell laptop, which I got due to my previous machine going kaput after so many years of good service. My last Windows I ever used was Win2k. I've been using Linux exclusively for over twelve years, so coming back to Windows is a sort of new experience for me. I'm soon going to dual boot proper (installed my previous Linux distro, Debian Jessie, via virtual machine for now, mostly out of curiosity about virtual machines), but just haven't got round to it right now (laziness is so enticing). So far, though, I'm enjoying Windows a bit more than I expected, although that could be due to playing with something "new".
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    Acer Aspire 5532 laptop. 1.6Ghz, 2GB ram. Slow but a good test bed. Once I tamed it I then installed it on my Lenovo K450 Quad Core I7 with 16GB ram and a 250GB SSD.
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    Asus G75VW Came with Win 7 SP1 Home Premium , I had a $14.95 upgrade to 8 Pro, I did not install 8 on it at all. When 8.1 became available I Clean installed. Asus had the needed hardware drivers I think it was Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
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    Bought a new computer HP ENVY 700-414 with the OS preinstalled just before Christmas 2014. before then I had a Gateway computer with a preinstalled windows vista on it.
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    8.1 6.3.9600

    I Previewed Win 8.0 Ultimate I think, On an older newly discovered 64bit win vista/HP desktop Mach with said to ship w/1GB ram, delivered w/512. duo core 3.416Ghz
    140GB HDD sata.
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    Nova Scotia
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    Windows 10 (64 bit)

    first system i ever had windows 8.1 on was a gateway laptop that i bought from a second hand store back in february of this year, it was pretty beat up and whoever owned it before me was obviously very abusive with it. i had it for like only 2 days and it started having troubles and i couldnt use it anymore. never got my money back for it. i was pissed lol two months later i purchased my acer aspire e15 laptop from walmart (the one im using now). so far no problems. Both laptops came with windows 8.1 pre installed bundled with other useless software
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    Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit

    My laptop came with Windows 8, which was upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro. But, I downgraded Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 7 Pro (I really regret doing it,because BIOS is locked for some reason without my permission). Now I have other problems with it (if I schedule a chkdsk run,it will do it with a stuck at Starting Windows screen and some bars that fill with white dots,indicating that chkdsk is still running,but I can't see the progress, the same goes for Recovery Options).
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