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What languages can you speak (or aspire to speak)?

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    Windows 7 Profesional x86, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    What languages can you speak (or aspire to speak)?

    This thread is inspired by a discussion we had recently over on SF.

    Do you speak a language other than English?

    I can speak a little bit of French (which is more than enough to survive on when in France) and I'm currently learning ancient Greek and Latin... but they don't really count .

    If you want, give us a little taster of that language.


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    Nazywam Się Ryszard.
    Jak masz na imię?

    My name is Richard.
    What is your name?)
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    Pembrokeshire, South Wales, UK
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    I only speak English and don't need to learn another language, don't go anywhere to use another one.
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    Well spoken Joan!
    Not a traveling couple either especially with wife with Progressive MS.
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    back in the stone age when i was at school we learnt French and Russian, why Russian i will never know
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    Not the stone age but had to learn Church latin being taught by Sister Superior as I was an alter boy! Mea Culpa! ( I think)
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    Здраво на сите. Јас се викам Ивица. Се радувам што сум овде. Поздрав
    Hello to everyone. My name is Ivica. I'm glad that I'm here. cheers
    Last edited by Grimmjow; 01 Jun 2010 at 17:05. Reason: I've forgot to mention, macedonian is my native language:)
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    I speak Spanish a little, although you wouldn't believe it hearing me.
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Finnish and Swedish; Finland is a bilingual country and I come from a bilingual family. English was my working language throughout my working years, German because of it's where I live with my German wife. These four enough to read a book or do a crossword.

    Dutch, Italian and Spanish enough to survive, a bit Norwegian because it's so close to Swedish.

    I would like to learn French. For some reason, even though languages have always been easy to me, French has been difficult. At the moment I can only say in French, that I do not speak it

    Languages have always been my hobby, I like to be able to communicate in different languages.
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    Windows Vista Home Premium x86 (32bit) but soon to be Windows 7 Ultimate x86

    I speak english, quite a bit of german, less of french and the odd word of russian, slovenian, croatian, spanish and italian
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