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What languages can you speak (or aspire to speak)?

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    Eau Claire, WI. USA
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    Windows Dream Edition 32bit

    My friend is going to teach me Korean and Chinese

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Hall View Post
    My friend is going to teach me Korean and Chinese
    Seriously? Just like that? I can barely manage English!
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    Eau Claire, WI. USA
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    Windows Dream Edition 32bit

    Haha, well she speaks them fluently, and for Chinese she knows both traditional AND simplified
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    I am half French, although I have lost all abilities to speak it since I have been speaking English as my primary and I am quarter Ukrainian wish I could speak that >: O
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    Quote Originally Posted by osholt View Post
    Bon, comment est le climat au Québec?
    (Good, how is the weather in Quebec?)

    Quest-ce que tu aime les panneaux d'arrêt?
    (Do you like the Stop signs?) a touch random but oh well .

    That's my French at it's best, I'm not even sure if it's completely correct.

    Le climat? L'hiver s'en vient pas mal vite!
    (Weather? Winter's coming pretty fast!)

    Si j'aime les panneau "Arrêt"... pas plus qu'une autre personne!
    (Do I like "Stop" signs? not more than anybody else!)

    It's "Qu'est-ce que", not "Quest-ce que", by the way. Also, in your question, it's badly formulated from the start. "Qu'" isn't needed here. "Est-ce que tu aime les panneaux d'arrêt?" is the correct way to write the question. "Qu'est-ce que" is a question that is meant to have a long answer and "Est-ce que" is more a "Yes" or "No" question. Exemples :

    Qu'est-ce que :

    "Qu'est-ce que tu fais là?"
    (What are you doing here?)

    "Qu'est-ce que tu va manger pour souper?"
    (What will you eat for dinner?)

    "Qu'est-ce que tu va faire aujourd'hui?"
    (What will you do today?)

    Est-ce que :
    "Est-ce que tu as eu une bonne note dans ton examen de français?"
    (Did you have a good result on your French exam?)

    "Est-ce que tu as mal dans le dos?"
    (Is your back aching?)

    "Est-ce que tu as suivi les procédure à la lettre concernant le montage de ton nouveal ordinateur?"
    (Did you follow the procedures by the book concerning the building of your new computer?)

    P.S Sorry for the late reply... I don't check those forums often.
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    French/English/Spanish and decrypte Deutch and Italian
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    Serbian and English
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    I'm really impressed with you guys. Seriously! I can just about manage English, and that's all. (Barely passed French and Spanish in school, and don't remember more than 25 words of either.)
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    I'm from Macedonia,but I can speak English. Maybe not so good,but..
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    Well, I speak fluent English. Home language, so I'm forced to. I say fluent because I am better at grammar than half the people in this country.
    As for foreign languages, I'm learning French now and aspiring to learn Russian. A friend of mine is currently learning German and has been giving me a couple very small tidbits of what he's heard. Hopefully sometime he'll teach me some more useful things than Guten Tag. Hehe.
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