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Need your advice!/Laptop-Tablet purchase

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    Need your advice!/Laptop-Tablet purchase

    Hi all, I need a big portable screen that I can walk around my house comfortably, with screen size greater or equal to 15in. I will use it primarily to read ebooks in various formats (epub, mobi, pdf, djvu). It must connect via wire or Wifi to my NAS where I store my ebooks. What would you recommend? Thanks

    This is what I found so far:
    Thanks everyone, this is what I found so far:

    1) HP Spectrex360

    2) Dell XPS 18

    3) Panasonic Toughpad
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    I'm more of a laptop guy myself, I like the HP because it's a laptop but also a tablet. It seems like the most versatile of the three you posted.
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    Being a Dell Fan, the 18" Portable Desktop PC is nice..
    The HP is nice too, but only has 13.3 inch screen..
    More comparable to the HP is this Dell > Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 Tablet PC | Dell and it is cheaper..

    So in my logic you can get a Dell 18" portable desktop for the price of a HP 13.3" 2in1 laptop, but the Dell 13.3" 2in1 laptop is cheaper then the HP

    Top of the line HP vs Dell 2in1 there is $550 difference
    HP has 512GB SSD vs Dell has 500GB HDD

    Having the SSD to read books worth $550
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    Thanks, yes, I think the Dell XPS18 is the best option. It's a pity that it still uses the dual core 4th Gen Intel CPU and only FullHD display. I would love a 5th Gen Quad Core Intel CPU+4K display and would use it also as a mobile workstation for video/photo editing.
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    Ive always stayed in one spot mostly and that's why im a normal PC person but HP does make nice nice tablet and laptops.
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    Hi all, just an update, I finally bought the HP Spectre x360, even though it has a 13.3" screen, I can always connect it to a PC screen, and use it as a mobile laptop/tablet, the design is beautiful, it feels like a luxury unit, the performance is quite good and even though it's a dual core i7, working with Lightroom is acceptable, I even installed Vmware and it can handle it very well.
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