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magic no it's math. use your shoes to calculate birth year

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    magic no it's math. use your shoes to calculate birth year

    “Did you know that your shoe size can tell you your age!”
    1) Take your shoe size (no half sizes, round up)
    2) Multiply by it 5
    3) Add 50
    4) Multiply by 20
    5) Add 1014
    6) Subtract the year you were born
    The first digit(s) are your shoe size and the last two digits are your age! Its shoe magic!

    if your shoes size is like this 6.25, round down. and if your shoe size is like this 6.5-6.75, round up.

    post your comments !!!

    P.S. it is easier to do each step one at a time. For example; do step 1 and 2 then push equal then apply step 3 to that and push equal and so on.

    to prove it is real here is mine

    actual shoe size is 12.5 but I rounded up to 13


    13 shoe size and 14 age

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    Shoe size is OK (you multiply by 100). Age only works if your birthday is less than today though. For age you add 2014 (1014 + (20*50)) and then subtract the birth year (eg 1993). Sorry to be a pedant
     *    ->  Size 5
    +   50 -> (Size 5) + 50
    *   20 -> (Size 100) + 1000
    1041 -> (Size 100) + 2014
    birth year -> (Size 100) + (2014 birth year
    or, (my shoe size is 45 because I'm European)
    45 225
    +   50 275
    *   20 5500
    1014 6514
    1993 4521 
    Try this one if you like
    Three men go to rent a room for the night. The hotel clerk said it's $30. They each give him $10. On the way up, the clerk realized he over-charged them. Instead of $30, it's $25. He gives the bellboy $5 and said to give it to the 3 men.

    On the way up, the bellboy gets greedy. He thinks, "Why should I give them all $5? I'll give them each $1 and keep $2 for myself". So he gave them each $1 back. Instead of paying $10 each, they therefore only spent $9.

    Now, $9 * 3 men = $27. Plus the $2 that the bellboy kept, equals $29.

    What happened to the other $1?
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    That "hotel" puzzle is at least 50 years old, and I've heard it a dozen times. Some people who tell it seem to think that it's just some kind of "paradox" that has no answer.

    Of course it isn't possible to name a definite "place" that the other $1 went to. But the puzzle still has a definite answer.

    The answer is that there ISN'T any "other $1". The other $1 is an illusion arrived at by subtracting $29 from $30, and the $29 is an illusion arrived at by adding $27 and $2.

    Of the $27 that the guests spent, the bellboy kept $2. The other $25 is the price of the room. So adding the $2 to the $27 is meaningless, because the $2 is part of the $27. By doing that, you're counting the $2 twice, making $4 -- and that plus the $25 makes the "imaginary $29".

    The correct breakdown is: The $25 price of the room, plus the $2 that the bellboy kept, plus the $3 returned to the guests, makes $30.
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