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internet shop : standard services : no downloads no youtub

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    internet shop : standard services : no downloads no youtub

    hi guys

    what would be standard services rendered by an internet shop.


    reading news - using face book -


    youtube - as watching youtube means videos are downloaded to temporary folders google drive - skydrive -
    vpn networks etc


    as above



    installing application software to do editing of photos or videos etc or graphic work.

    would you guys agree with this ?

    what would fall with in the ambit of what you could call standard services in an internet shop?

    the incessant use of usb drives can seriously help in the spread of viruses.

    so somewhere this has to be prevented as most people in my country donít use google drive or skydrive as it is very expensive to use the internet here where i am. and wi fi still isnt standard way of using cellphones . telkom probably wont kill its own client base here in south Africa.

    please share your thoughts. your opinions are most welcome.

    i donít know where else to ask this

    and specifically where in this forum to ask this question.

    thank you

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    Also known as "Internet Cafe" was popular around here too while broadband was scarce. How many computers are you thinking of employing and how fast internet can you get for whole thing ? If you can have only one service, they will all share bandwith and get slower and slower as more computers come online. If you can't have really fast internet I would limit use to just to browsing, e.mail, youtube would have to be limited to just low res, it can use a lot of bandwith. Selling coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks can help revenue a lot. How do you plan to charge customers, by hour or by internet traffic ?
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    Are you asking because you want to open one?

    I use internet cafes for printing mainly. I always use usb to take what I want to print and would say 30% of the time I pick up a virus. Usually it is this one which could be prevented easily if the cafe kept their anti-virus even remotely up to date. I don't care particularly as I always reformat my USB stick after.

    Most other people I see (doesn't matter what country) seem to be using Skype, youtube or checking email. Occasionally you see someone writing a letter (or CV etc) in Word to print out. I don't think I've ever seen anyone downloading software or editing photos or videos but it is possible I suppose.

    As a minimum I think you need anti-virus kept up to date, a decent printer (and photocopier and fax) and headsets for Skype.
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    only 2 pc's since it is a side business for my sisters photography studio. we have a 2 megabit connection uncapped that is ok. main issues here are that you cannot turn a profit from internet only - you must provide other services as well but the problem is that these services like typing or editing documents in word for people means usb sticks having to be connected to pc's that will eventually mean infection with viruses. their is no way around that. i worked in an internet shop where there were 7 pc's and when viruses eventually get hold of the computers they keep on infecting each other and eventually a hard drive crashes - pc's become slow . the owner had a pc business and could reinstall xp when necessary . but now with windows 8 backups will almost certainly have a virus somewhere in the backup.
    so if these backups reinstalled they will re infect the entire network because the photography studio pc is also on the same network running window 7 64 bit and we have another computer running that has windows 10 evaluation copy on it. the pc's are all 64 bit(not sure about windows 10 pc)

    the nature of the beast is that the other services you provide will aid in the virus problem.

    so even if i could backup all the pc's it only be a short time before all the pc's have the unremoved viruses slowing down the network and pc's again.

    i guess thats the nature of the beast.

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    That really is "nature of the beast", too many safety ignorant people accessing computers one way or other can pose a lot of problems. Had to deal with a lot of USB sticks that were previously taken to a print shop, picture print shop or schools and were invariably infected to various degrees. When I have to take mine to a place like that, I make it read only and after, when I reconnect it to my computer I do it from Linux in VM and do long reformat to it. On my computer I have MCShield ::Anti-Malware Tool:: which is pretty good at catching many nasties before they can do damage and in conjunction with AV that can scann them at insertion can be reasonably sure of the safety aspect.
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    thanks for the advice

    people even if they were working with pc's for a long time really doesn't understand what usb memory sticks does to a network over a 6 month period.

    thanks for saying that you know what i am talking about because i like windows.

    i had my own copy of xp. loved it but the virus thing completely defied all the good it was.

    here in south africa internet is still prohibitively expensive. if you want to use cloud computing for accessing your files you will pay for it and then some. we don't have free wi fi like in the states and uk (new york and london) and the primary means of saving and transporting files here is via usb memory sticks.

    if i wanted to redo my laptop at that stage i had to phone a specific number even after putting in my license key so that it could be activated. at that stage xp was supposedly only allowed to be reinstalled 3 times . so what was the use ?? i threw it away because after 3 installs it was useless to me . as i was going to use it illegally if it all.

    now i have to go to a computer dealer who has a master disk for windows 7 and pay them to have it reinstalled. its not for free. even if my license is still valid i must still pay or stick with a back up that will have viruses on it as the dealer will charge me for it. with xp i clould do that myself but onl;y for 3 times. (legally anyway) which means that my income is directly linked to redoing a complete network at the expense of the business which is going to eat up all the profit.

    enough of that . i have my made my point.


    Microsoft is going to have to something about the virus situation.

    dont get me wrong. i am not against microsoft. mac is virtually non existent in south africa and linux has no official printer support or networking support in south africa . if it does i dont know about it.

    point made - rant over.

    good day to you all !!
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    Point taken, pretty reasonable I'd think. Sorry about those problems in your country, I thought it was bad in Serbia.
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    You can set up the computers to completely refresh the bootable disk image between customers so that each user starts with a "fresh" machine. This will make sure no badness stays behind when a user leaves the machine. Here is an example of how it's done:

    How to Easily Reset a Computer Back to a Clean State Each Time It Boots
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeytg View Post
    You can set up the computers to completely refresh the bootable disk image between customers so that each user starts with a "fresh" machine. This will make sure no badness stays behind when a user leaves the machine. Here is an example of how it's done:

    How to Easily Reset a Computer Back to a Clean State Each Time It Boots

    problem is that i will have to reinstall office and all other application software - redo the updates. (whick kept saying reverting changes and then restarted- )

    not unwilling to do so its just time consuming.

    and i dont know how many times i office ill allow me to install the same package form the dashboard without requiring a new license.

    thanks for the help
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    windows 8

    oh sorry

    their is paid for versions of linux in south africa like redhat and suse but i dont know what their printer support is or where i can get someone to set up a linux network . point is even if i could do that wil i have all the functionality that a windows pc would have ?? will clients go into a interner shop sporting ubuntu linux ??

    dont thinks so
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