This beautiful image captures an entire day passing in the picturesque Greek countryside. It is the result of 30 hours of arranging and snapping hundreds of shots from sunrise in the east, until sunset in the west.

The 360-degree panorama was created by Greek photographer Chris Kotsiopoloulos. He tracked the sun as it travelled across the sky and ended with brilliantly starry skies above a domed, stone building.

It was no small task to create this kind of image. Kotsiopolous had to carefully position himself in one spot for 30 hours to set up and capture the entire scene.

It was more than just standing around and snapping pictures. Kotsiopolous had to deal with temperatures that hovered just above freezing. While not pleasant for him, it also affected his camera and he had to use a hair dryer to keep his lens from getting moist.

We're glad Kotsiopolous toughed it out as his unusual day- (and night)-in-the-life view of this Greek town is pretty spectacular. Here it is larger, because the detail deserves it:

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