I don't have a landline because me and my roomate both have awesome plans on our phones (mine is unlimited nationwide).
Problem is we have an apartment building where we don't have a proper intercom/access buzzer; instead it redirects to a local phone number (buzzes ring the phone, and you press "9" to unlock the door). This is a little bit of a problem because we can use only one number, so if the person the phone is linked to is not home they will get a call at work or in a meeting when the other person ordered pizza or is reciving a delivery from UPS.

The solution was to have a third and cheap prepaid phone, which works perfectly. I put $15-20 on it when I first got it and I still have over $8 three months later (about $2-4 a month). That raised the problem of having a small phone that gets lost easily or left on the balcony or something. Then I found and bought this, which is a cheap chinese phone in the shape of a classic desk phone. This works well now as we always put it back on the charger.

But I have been curious about finding a better replacement which can be used as a regular landline. There are two major flaws:
1. The sound quality is pretty bad. You put the receiver to your head and you can barely hear the other party. Speakerphone is not much better.
2. it is only 2G. 7-11 Speakout uses Roger's wireless network which will be shutting off 2G service in 2018 so there's still some time in that respect, but maybe eventually I'd like to switch to Wind Mobile and have a decent landline for $25 with unlimited nationwide calling - less than half the price of Shaw or Telus.

So what I am basically looking for is this: A cheap oversized handset (be it in the shape of a corded or wireless deskphone, heck even a 1rst gen Motorola would work well) that has 3G and possibly decent quality. Does anyone know where I can find something like that? Chinavasion doesn't have anything else, shopkami redesigned their websit so it's now impossible to find anything, and there's no other website I can find that has anything.