Windows 8 & 8.1 Guide Books - free and almost free

I want to recommend a couple of Windows 8 and 8.1 Guidebooks. I have both and they are really useful.


The first is a PDF offered by Dell and it's FREE. Here's the download link:

"Windows 8 for Dummies" - Dell Pocket Edition, PDF format, 138 pages, illustrated, 11.485 mb - FREE


The second e-book is by Paul Thurott. He is selling it on his Windows Supersite blog site for $ 2.00.

It's available in PDF or EPUB or MOBI formats. Once you pay, you can download all editions.
He regularly updates the e-book. Save the download link so you can download updated editions, for free.

"Windows 8.1 Field Guide" by Paul Thurrott & Rafael Rivera, 588 pages, illustrated in color, PDF or EPUB or MOBI. They are about 50 mb to 75mb depending on the file type.

The book link is about halfway down the page of Paul Thurott's Windows Supersite, on the right:

Paul Thurotts Windows Supersite