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What mouse do you use and like?

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    What mouse do you use and like?

    I own a laptop computer. I don't like the using the touchpad on the laptop, I always use an external mouse. Sometimes wired USB and sometimes wireless USB or Bluetooth.

    I really like the Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500. I do a lot of copy and pasting and I program the 2 side buttons (it's a 5 button mouse) to copy & paste.

    The cons of this mouse, I have worn out about 3 of them. The rubber ring comes off the scrolling wheel eventually. I have also worn holes in the rubber sides. But you can get a new one for about $12 to $15 on Amazon, but they are getting more scarce.

    Another con, the scrolling wheel internally looks like a wagon wheel with spokes. An infrared LED shines through the spokes to detect scrolling. The problem is, pet hair is carried into the wheel, blocks some of the spokes and and causes weird scrolling. You can open the mouse and clean it out once every six months, but it's a pain and the mouse has security screw heads which are hard to remove.

    Another mouse I recently bought and like was a Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400. Really nice, no moving parts. The scrolling portion is a touchpad. It scrolls up and down the page smoothly and a sideway swipe left or right flips backward or forward through webpages. On Amazon pictures, the scroll bar looks like it has ridges. These are just cosmetic. The actual touch surface is smooth and clear.

    To me, its cons are no programmable buttons (for copy & paste) and the mouse is somewhat small and lower than the Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500.

    Other mice I like are the Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse, Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse (bluetooth), Microsoft Touch Mouse (plain looking, no visible scroll bar)

    What is your favorite mouse and why do you like it?
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    I've been through a lot of mice and have yet to find the perfect one. The problem I always have is with pinky and index fingers dragging on the mouse mat, so they're always left dangling in mid air, which is not good for prolonged use. However I'm not entirely sure whether I'd get on with a mouse if there were somewhere to put them, because then it may feel too much like pushing a brick around the mouse mat. I dunno, I guess it's one of those things I'd have to try and see. Maybe I'll try out a Cyber Snipa Silencer one day (with the two finger attachment on the right-hand side) and see what they're like.

    I know Logitech are pretty popular and I've had a few of them over the years, but I've never particularly liked them that much, I find them just 'OK', the buttons aren't that hard-wearing and the ergonomics just don't really suit my hands. Also the forward/back buttons are positioned too far forward for my thumb. The old Microsoft Explorer mice were also quite popular, but I always found them a bit too long, the sides were too slippery and the buttons (particularly right click) too sensitive. From memory a Mionix one was probably one of the best shapes I've had, but I sent it back after a couple of days as the sensor was too erratic and 'jumpy' with small precise movements. Whether it was due to their 'high resolution' sensor, or whether the sensor was faulty I don't know, but it was no good as it was. Razer thought always-on data mining was OK with their 'cloud-based unified mouse driver', so they will never get a penny from me whether they've since rectified it or not, as I have no trust in companies like that.

    So the closest is probably the one I'm using now, which is a Microsoft Comfort 6000 wired USB mouse. It's nice looking/subtle looking in plain black (no gimmicky led's, flashing lights, fancy colour schemes, etc.), it has brilliant software for customising the buttons, etc., no erratic sensor, good button click/feel/scroll, grippy, right weight, decent length cable. It pretty much does everything I want it to, the only downsides are the middle scroll wheel sometimes scrolls down a notch on it's own accord and the side rubber is difficult to clean due to it being pretty sticky/grippy. Going a bit off-topic, but I've always liked the key feel of Microsoft's keyboards as well, so at the moment I'm happy sticking with MS.
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    After owning a few Microsoft mice both wired & wireless, I now use Logitech Mice as they have much longer battery life than Microsoft mice and since I also use Logitech wireless keyboards the mice & keyboards can be managed with the Logitech Mouse and keyboard Program which even works with my wired Logitech mouse and keyboard, another advantage is the wireless mice @ keyboards are all compatible with one unifiying receiver and can be added and removed as needed.
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    For my main PC I use a Logitech Performance MX and for my laptop a Logitech Anywhere MX, both use "darkfield" laser thingie so can be used on any surface even glass.
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    Tempted as I have been to get a new one, I have a 10 yr old MS optical mouse that still works (knock on wood) & either I'm too lazy to get another one or too cheap
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    My wired MS Basic Mouse is more than 10 years old too, and still going strong. Simple, cheap, and durable.
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    I still use my Microsoft Optical Wheel mouse, can't remember how old it is but I like it and even use it on this Notebook, don't like the touchpad, I'm much more in control with a mouse.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    I use a Logitech G300 gaming mouse that I paid about $29 for. It works well, and it has multi color LED lighting with multiple profiles (the mouse itself stores the profiles).
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    I have used this mouse for the past year and it has been great for MMO gaming.

    Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse Black RZ01-01040100-R3U1 - Best Buy

    Some games require you to have the Razor driver though keep in mind.

    I love the mouse and suggest it to anybody who wants a more expensive but stylish mouse. There is a more expensive one you can get for about $90 that is styled for both left and right hand members and have different size grips.

    Also the mouse is on sale right now, and this is an actual "sale" as it normally is about $75-85.
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