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Removing viruses can be fun

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    Fortunately I have not run into anything TOO nasty. Usually, AdwCleaner takes care of most of the stuff I end up needing to clean out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borg 386 View Post
    As you mentioned, there is a positive thing about working with a tough virus. You learn the ins & out's of it. You research about problems being presented, you see multiple solutions & Google as many facts/solutions about it as possible. And you find out the intricacies of it & what makes it tick.

    So I try to think of it as a real life case study. And I have learned a lot about certain malware. Especially about rootkits.
    Absolutely correct! It amazes me sometimes how many actual defensive update are done to anti virus. And it amazes me how many variety of a single virus there is and how many new ones are made every day. Obviously not one single anti virus is going to be solid proof so it's always a good thing for a techy person to fiddle around with infected machines to figure out what to look for and most common problems and areas of infections.

    I talked to a McaFee representative once he made out like you may get a new 100 defensive operations added in a day but in reality there may be a 1,000 viruses that were reported. It makes you realize just how much work people in those positions have to put in. And it makes you appreciate what they do.
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    It is quite impossible for any AV to catch anything 100% of the time due to the sheer volume of new viruses being released into the wild at any given moment.

    When a new strain is released, the AV's may not detect it at first. The first step is it has to be recognized. After recognition, samples have to be submitted to the AV companies for analysis. Meanwhile the virus is spreading throughout the net. The AV companies now have to analyze the virus, find out how it works & how to nullify it. This can take anywhere from several hours to several days depending on the complexity of the virus.

    After this, the solution needs to be uploaded to AV scanners. This can take some time too since not all people update their AV's on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the virus continues to makes it's rounds.

    Hence, the reason nothing gets everything 100% of the time. Vigilance needs to be maintained as well as common sense.
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    My frustration is that we manage about 200k endpoints (clients and servers). We are expected to stop everything but we cannot allow any "false positives", so that is very difficult. I submit files for "blacklisting" and "whitelisting" every day and we do our best to keep up. We have also implemented heurestics and behavior and reputation-based protection, as well as the traditional signature-based protection.
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