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Netflix has expanded to 6 new countries today.

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    Netflix has expanded to 6 new countries today.

    Hi all,

    Netflix has just launched in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria . Netflix said it will spend $3 billion to produce unique European contents.

    Have you checked the new regions yet? Did you find any unique movie/show?

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    No - didn't find anything interesting at all. What is your point?
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    Hello, Yodel Santino. Welcome to Windows EightForums.

    I have had Netflix for a couple of years now. Well worth the $8 USD. A zillion movies and TV shows.

    Have you joined or is that why you’re asking?
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    Netflix was actually looking to employ people in the UK to sit at home and watch movies, etc - Netflix Will Pay You To Watch Netflix All Day
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    Sounds interesting. Unfortunately I'm not qualified
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    Hafnarfjörđur IS
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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo6563 View Post
    Netflix was actually looking to employ people in the UK to sit at home and watch movies, etc - Netflix Will Pay You To Watch Netflix All Day
    Hi there

    Unfortunately there doesn't really seem to be anything worthwhile watching these days - a decent movie is as rare as Hens Teeth now -- I used to like things like SKY MOVIES but all Hollywood seems to be doing is repeats stuff of earlier films and in general the movie xxxxx 2 or Movie xxxx 3 is never as good as the original -- one of the worst recently is TOTAL RECALL -- nothing like the original Schwarzenegger 1990 movie with him in his steroid muscle bound form and baring at least some resemblance to the Philip Dick story it was based on.

    There's probably one or two decent movies in 6 months these days so I'll pass on Netflix. Actually a lot of the better movies are some of the older Hollywood classics FREE on T.N.T .

    TV also itself has gone hideously down market too -- not that it was ever really "Up Market" in the first place. There are the odd decent show or two -- I like "The Last Ship" for example - but I suppose just as I get into it it probably will be cancelled -- and EXTANT is also passable.

    As for decent drama - even the BBC seems to have dried up on that - reality shows are the norm these days -- hideously boring.

    Divergent was probably one of the few decent NEW movies - based on Veronica Roth's best selling (on the NY Times best sellers list for a while also) trilogy - the first part called DIVERGENT - modelled on a highly flawed experiment in Society -- I won't say any more as it would then be a spoiler - but read the book which the Movie follows quite faithfully.

    Another excellent film (but probably won't be on Netflix) is the French film 36 quai des orfčvres

    However these sorts of films tend not to make it on to TV - even subscription services and are rarely seen outside the host / originating Country - in this case France.

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    It isn't really like the book but is a pretty good show I think. The brother in law from breaking bad makes a great sherrif. He is excellent.

    I also find Extant fairly passable but then with a lead actress like that what is not to like..
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    More information about the German Netflix and it's launch here yesterday, this applies also to all other new countries where Netflix launched yesterday: Netflix launches in Germany (in English too) - The Local

    Quote Originally Posted by The Local
    Those who subscribe to Netflix in Germany can choose to watch shows in a German-dubbed version as well as in the original language with subtitles, meaning English speakers can watch hit shows such House of Cards in English.
    Luckily they went for double audio track system, original or German dub instead of just dubbing as is usual here; All foreign TV and movies are dubbed which really is annoying. Lip movements totally out of sync, actors I know well have strange voices and so on. In addition, the dubbing is often done so badly that you can hear a studio like echo without any natural background noises like for instance the traffic when a scene happens in a street.

    Totally off topic but I was the first to tweet about this subject , the same day Netflix confirmed they are coming here:
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