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Let Ubuntu access remote Windows shares?

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    Let Ubuntu access remote Windows shares?

    Yesterday I installed Ubuntu beta 12.04 LTS. I want to access my other machines' Windows hard drives which are already configured to share in the workgroup fashion. All Homegroup and IPv6 stuff are disabled across the board on all machines. (And yes, I know Homegroup is only for 7 and 8.)

    I tried a little bit to research on how to "map a network drive" (I know it's not that term on Linux) from Ubuntu, and there were all different people saying different things on how to go about it.

    I tried one way and quickly was confused - admittedly, I didn't try too hard - only about 5 minutes then went on to try something else with the new Ubuntu.

    Does anyone know any quick, sure fire way to make this happen? And if it does work, where can I expect to see the share show up in the file system looker thing.

    If you can give me some commands, please use this as the example.

    Remote machine:
    Remote share: share1$

    Thanks for reading.

    (haha it took me a while to figure out that Ctrl+Alt+T = open terminal)

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    Ubuntu is member of the workgroup "workgroup" by default, so your Window 7 and 8 have to be part of "workgroup" aside if you want experiment with Linux, try Pinguy instead, it's base on Ubuntu and all the settings are prepare for share with Windows

    Pinguy OS
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    8250 x86 + 7 SP1 x86 + Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x86

    Thank you. I will see what it's all about, likely later on today sometime.
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