I have never tried golf. I will some day, just to say I have tried it. I did mini-putting once at an amusement park when I was younger, it was quite good fun, though not real golf, as I hit it into small Windmills and through hoops!

Me, I will stick with climbing! I love climbing too much to give it up, even if it has given me a permanent spinal injury (not too serious thankfully, just a broken vertebrate, though it still causes me a lot of pain when I lie down, several years on and forever), a broken bone, countless sprains and twists, and a LOT of skin ripped of on sharp holds. This is the problem with taking things seriously, the more seriously you play, and the longer you play for, the more competitions you join at higher and higher levels, the more injuries you have. It is stating to have its effect already, and I am only 14! One day I will be forced to give it up, hopefully not from a sitting position in a wheelchair, or a lying position in a hospital bed!

P.S. Nice cartoon!