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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I have noticed what could be a flaw in the system. It is my own experience that, should I give someone the thumbs up, almost within the day the same person gives me one in return.
    Yes, I have noticed that too, it looks like people feel obliged to thanks for the rep, it feels kind of strange receiving thank you for rep/thank you. I give rep for a good comment or for posting something interesting, I do not expect anything in return for doing it. Actually it makes me feel guilty not doing it myself.

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    On the other side of the coin...
    Perhaps the rep/badge system is a source of confidence for the newcomer or visitor who may not have a clue about their issue or the responses they might receive.
    I think it's a positive that way, after all, this forum does have a very good reputation!

    (One of the things that bother me most about searching for a fact based answer to my query, is the amount of BS I'll have to sift through in results!)
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    I'm here because I like helping people with their computers & I learn a lot here also.

    When I first joined, getting a rep point made me feel good.
    It made me feel like my being here was appreciated.

    To me, getting a simple, "Thanks for helping me." is good.

    In this life it is important to say, "Please" & "Thank you".
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    Well said David.
    One imaginary rep for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwin View Post
    Well said David.
    One imaginary rep for you!
    A real thank you for you.
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    Please don't get me wrong, having badges, medals, and pips are prestigious, but that's really not where it's at. The good feeling of helping someone is where the essence of life is at, even if my suggestion wasn't the ultimate solution. It's a better feeling if it is, but if not, I'll learn which one was. It's a win win no matter what.

    I figure those that thank or rep us is a plus. Those that don't answer might have gotten a solution via Bing, Google, or some other forum. Life gets busy sometimes and people just don't have time to answer back.

    Lol! I probably have the worst points to post count in forum history, but I sure do enjoy this one and have a lot of fun. Hang in there, midou35000. The reps will come in due time.
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    Yea, I'm happy to get a thank you, something worked, let alone a rep. So many are "drive-byes" and I don't even know if what I posted helped them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midou35000 View Post
    Yeah so (sorry if i am rude) but dont you guys see that sometimes when you help someone new to this forums and when his probem is fixed HOP!! he doesnt rep you he just says Thank you and go away.
    If all knew about repping i would have a medal right now!! belive me This week i helped like 24 guy and i just got 6 reps!!, but thats not a big deal, i dont care about reps all i care about is to help people, but you know.
    I'm new here, but. I am familiar-with ratings and rep systems on forums, do 'add to it by clicking the icon in the bottom right of a post?
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    My two cents:

    If a member participates here or at any other forums for prestige, thumbs ups, reputation and shiny medals, he / she is in my opinion doing it for wrong reasons.

    Nobody should feel obliged to give rep, nobody should request or even expect rep. Personally I have a habit to totally ignore those members, however sure I am that I could help, who post something like "If I helped you please rep me!" in their sigs. In my very sincere opinion all discussion about how get more rep and how to make OPs rep more should not be tolerated here.

    Participating here should be based on genuine interest in computers, computing, Windows and such, not based on being able to show and brag about some rep points.

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, Knightron.

    On this forum and the news forum there are none, but push the thumb up in the lower left corner of a post box.
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