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An Open letter to Ms from "an Old Fart"

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    I don't think you heard the news, the Nokia X was killed off by Microsoft. I'd rather take a well built Nokia Windows Phone than a samsuck galaxy that needs a bulky case for protection because they're known for being rather delicate electronics.
    We have handfuls of Samsung Galaxy's at work. My wife and I each have one at home. I have friends who have them. I don't recall a single broken Galaxy. I do however know of many, including those at work with iPhones with broken screens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    "The Cloud" is fine for some things - but there's a whole slew of other stuff I'd rather not have in the Cloud -- My tax returns, business documents, projects I'm working on where I've signed "Non Disclosure agreements", and other private material.
    Agreed, it's not for everything. I've not yet heard of a single cloud proposal which completely removed any potential for local storage and forced you to only be in the cloud.

    I don't want my tax returns in the cloud...but then again my banking is online, my credit cards are online, my paychecks can be looked up online, my mortgage is available online, my school loans used to be online (before they were paid in full) the vast majority of what compromises a tax return is already out there at no doing whatsoever of my own.
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