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Help Required - lost web page

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    Help Required - lost web page

    Dont know how, but probably my own stupidity, but I have 'lost' a valuable page from a web site. I thought I had transfered it to a different page but its not there.

    Anyone know how to 'find' a lost web page which is not online either and not found in google?

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    It depends on your browser.
    Which is ?

    If you visited it & have not deleted your browsing history you should be able to locate it there.

    With Opera---

    Click image for larger version
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    You may be able to search it on cached web page site like
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    Humm... This page isn't online. Was it online at some time ? Or is from your own website stored locally ? Not sure I get your problem right.

    If you have browsed this page, the history is a good idea, but also your browser's cache. It's different for each browser, but usually they save a lot of your visited pages in a cache folder which can sometimes be accessed directly via file explorer.
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    yes it was online, the last time I loaded it was via an ftp, not a browser. I have since changed to opera, but chrome is still in the machine.

    A couple of good suggestions there, but cannot do anything until I get up from night shift, which I am on right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwin View Post
    You may be able to search it on cached web page site like
    damn! does not have that page archived.
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    Dont laugh but I had a flash (of inspiration); it does not happen very often but ....... it used to be on another web site until I created a ww2 specific domain - and there it was in all her glory!!! So I have downloaded it to docs and going to email it to myself so its in my pc - then back to work on it and get it back in the new site. Thanks Edwin.
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    email did nto like it so I highlighted it, and pasted it into a blank html page and saved it, put it online in the site in a folder from which I can download it again and clean it up and redo it properly!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo relieved.
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    Interesting avatar Edwin

    A Guy
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