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Jimbo's been a Naughty boy - speed awareness course !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indianatone View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by loveandpower View Post
    Just consider yourself blessed for even being able to drive! As a legally blind citizen of America it's one of many rights that are taken away from me.
    I am sorry that your are disabled but driving is a privilege not a right.
    Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement; that is, rights are the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of people.

    Last I checked the original driving law created referred to a human right, not a future privilege as you mention. I can't help it if either

    a) new regulations had to be started cause of those who are in denial ( i.e. I would NEVER drive on the interstate myself personally but I know there are several blind people out there who would!)
    b) just general idiotic people causing scenes... ( i.e. look at the gun laws being taken away, ammo being bought up by the feds, etc )

    Is it a privilege now? Yes, yes it is and I never claimed other wise. I was just stating that if somebody can drive consider yourself blessed and don't complain about being pulled over for going over. The fact is he/she still broke the law no matter how fast over it was.

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    Another thing to remember is that our roads aren't built on the scale of the German autobahn or the US large highways. OK we have the Motorways but compared to other countries they aren't what you'd call large.

    The speed limit is there for a reason and if people go over it they should pay the consequences no matter who they are.
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    Where I live there are sections of roads known as "speed traps".
    The police use those areas to bring in extra money.
    Most of the cars I've seen pulled over were from out of state...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ARC1020 View Post
    Sounds a bit heavy to get pulled for doing 74MPH in a 70MPH zone. What did your speedometer say you were doing? If you were looking at your speedo (rather than GPS) it would probably have been reading higher than the 74MPH they clocked you at as vehicle manufacturers deliberately make their speedometers over-read to accommodate for slight deviations in manufacturing tolerances, tyre tread depth, legal issues, etc.

    As SIW2 said, are you sure it was a 70 limit, not a 60? According to this article (which granted was from 2013), it sounds like they already allow just over 10% before doing anything, and from 10% plus 2MPH they start with the speed awareness courses rather than straight prosecution:

    ... Under the previous rules, drivers travelling at ten per cent over the speed limit, plus two to six miles per hour, were offered the course. This has now increased to those travelling at 10 per cent over the speed limit, plus two to nine miles per hour, meaning drivers can travel at speeds of up to 42mph in a 30mph zone without facing a fine and points.

    ... The new thresholds mean drivers travelling up to 53mph in a 40mph zone, 64mph in a 50mph area or 75 in a 60mph zone can be offered the course.
    If it makes you feel better, it seems the Humberside deputy police and crime commissioner has been zapped for both speeding and using a mobile phone as well.
    Sometimes speedometers show a lower speed than the actual speed to avoid something like this altogether. In my car, 60 is about 55 miles an hour. It's a tad annoying because an ACTUAL 100 miles an hour is shown as 118-120 on the gauge....
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    How many pubs did you visit before jumping in the car? If not caught by a camera but stopped by officers in a patrol car, would you have been arrested for DUI?
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    Quote Originally Posted by strollin View Post
    How many pubs did you visit before jumping in the car? If not caught by a camera but stopped by officers in a patrol car, would you have been arrested for DUI?
    Hi there

    I only had ONE and a HALF pints of 3.8% Beer - within the U.K legal limit. !! (80 mg -- somewhat generous IMO but it's within the amount allowed by law). If you visit Iceland it's 0% ZERO and IS STICTLY ENFORCED - even if you have an accident in a 4WD out in the "Boonies". An alcohol test will always be done as soon as the Police (Lögreglan) arrive before anything else.

    A DUI might have been understandable -- at least in that case - like using a hand held Mobile - you are a MENACE on a public road - but simply travelling X KPH an empty road where the speed limits were arbitrarily designed by a NON DRIVING minister of transport (Madame Barbra Castle) over half a century ago when the best brakes were on a car like a Morris Minor - no Disk brakes or any sort of ABS (automatic braking systems ) - and when the car took about as long to stop as a battleship seems totally bonkers.

    Surely the point of Road Safety is to be SAFE -- Would any of you overtake (pass) a truck when you were stuck in its spray and couldn't see anything - even if that meant you exceeded the speed limit to pass the truck. I'm sure you'd do anything to get out of the spray created by the truck and improve your visibility on the road..

    Drivers in the UK hogging middle lanes of 3 lane motorways also cause more congestion and accidents than any amount of speeding drivers on empty roads --if people are driving stupidly --book them but a sensible driver on an empty road in a safe car just seems to be another mechanism the UK has in extracting money from drivers.

    Although I don't smoke - every year at "Budget time" the UK just exhorts more and more money from "Drinkers, Drivers and Smokers" - and in spite of the absolutely stupendous amount of money raised by taxation and fines - they still can't repair the Potholes.

    Hand held Mobile phone use is actually WORSE than driving 3 times over the limit - but they don't enforce that -- it's too easy to mount a static speed camera and just book a driver whatever the conditions and regardless of how safe the driver is.

    (BTW I actually DO observe 20 MPH (32 KPH) near Schools in 20 MPH zones - but I NEVER see any Police enforcing that limit).

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