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    Quote Originally Posted by LADYPINKtomato1 View Post
    David I saw 2 tomatoes from our farmers here, .....AR. Traveler and Bradley Heirloom , the traveler was bred to travel
    easier ( shipping out ) than the OLD Bradley tomato.. ( the O. Bradley is known as the best of all eating tomatoes ) it doesn't
    ship well however.. it's too full of juices and the skin texture is too thin..
    I really liked your new video.. If you keep your tomatoes watered ,( if you shred old newsprint that makes a great mulch
    to use in your garden.). helps keep moisture more even.( keep slightly away from the plant stem ), you don't want anything to
    eat the plants , should have those well into Fall., or ,maybe frost. :
    Watering is no problem.
    I never use over 1000 gallons a month, even when watering the garden every day.
    I just get charged the basic charge for water.{$40}

    I decided against mulch this year.
    I taped a putty knife to a stick & when I see a new tiny weed I poke it & kill it.
    No herbacides needed.

    I have some wild mushrooms growing in the garden.
    I let them grow.
    Mushrooms are good for a garden.

    I bury my dead plants at the end of the season & the fungi help consume them.
    The mushrooms above ground are a tiny aspect of the fungi below ground.
    The mushrooms are just the fruiting bodies of the underground fungi.

    They don't harm the vegetables.
    They feed them.


    I thought about planting eatable mushrooms but the process & time involved is a bit tedious.
    Morels can fetch $125 a pound or more.
    It takes several years to get good production on morels.

    I don't have the oak to raise shitaki.
    Too much trouble besides the squirrels would probably eat them.
    The fence can keep out rabbits but not the voracious tree rats.

    I have time on my hands, being retired.
    Not next year but the year after I may try Morels.

    I used to pick them wild.
    Dip them in egg & flower mixed with salt & pepper & fry them in bacon fat.

    Like oysters in taste.
    Very good.
    No wonder they fetch such a high price.

    My garden is situated so they would get good shade mostly.
    I would probably have to buy a shade type fabric to keep the sun off them, like natural morels in the damp forest under trees.

    If I could raise them successfully I would eat them & give some to my neighbors rather than selling them.

    Raising food is something I grew up with here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
    Some turned their crops into moonshine.
    Most needed the food.
    So many children, so little food.
    Children helped taking care of the garden.

    I'm old.
    I remember this stuff.
    Young people today generally have no clue how it is to raise a garden because you need the food.

    That's all for now.

    ~~~ David

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    New video---

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    New video---

    David what happened to the video you mentioned above.. sorry I'm so late getting bac k in here.
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    The video works for me.

    I've been away for a while here.

    Will make another video soon.
    My cherry tomato plant has gone wild.

    I get a 2# butter bowl of them every 2 or 3 days.
    Plus several yellow tomatoes per week.

    My cukes croaked from some blight.

    I am making tomatoe juice as I type this.
    I use a hand cranked juicer.--Like as in my younger days.
    The smell of the cooking tomatoes is wonderful.

    Click image for larger version
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    I get enough tiny tomatoes for about a quart of juice a week.

    Click image for larger version
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