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OK, get your metro UI hate on.

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    OK, get your metro UI hate on.

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    I love Metro UI to be honest. Its especially epic on my laptop, which has a touch screen. What I do hate: The start menu. I never liked it, even way back when I had Windows 95 and 98. I'm actually happy to see the start menu being replaced.
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    I hated it, now I am ambivalent towards it. Lets put it this way, whether you love it or not MS has decreed that is the way it will be and we can use Win 8 or atrophy and stay on win 7 until it becomes the new XP.

    Personally, its just an OS to use as a tool. I dont game nor have a mobile device to use it on, but I do need to run something and it might as well be win 8 (until nine comes out)
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    Technology moves forwards & onwards regardless of ones resistance to change.
    Like it or lump it Metro is {probably} here to stay.
    One can persevere, ignore the transition or embrace it...
    What I see is "interesting."
    Long term day to day operation will decide if it is practical.
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    To be honest, it's not really a matter of whether you like it or not. Even if you hate it at first, after a while you most likely will get used to it. I didn't particular like it because of its unfamiliarity but now I'm fine with it.
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    Life goes on.
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    I am reserving judgment on the Metro UI until I see some serious well written productivity apps such as a word processor, spreadsheet, notebooks, browsers etc. The apps in the store now are unimpressive for the most part. If what is currently available is the future of Metro apps, then the system is doomed. If you have Evernote on a mobile devices such as the iPad or on a laptop/desktop, go take a look at Evernote Metro. There is no comparison.
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