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Anyone remember Odyssey 5? It was a Sci-fi show that came out around 2002 that dealt with Earth's destruction. Great show that was ended way to soon. Also would have liked to seen Terra Nova continue for a 2nd season. Why do all the good shows' get canned while the crappy one's continue for a while longer? Doesn't seem to make sense.
I watched Odyssey 5. I'm a sucker for Time Travel stuff. When I was a kid my favorite movie was The Time Machine with Rod Taylor. One thing I find annoying though is the tendency for these shows to shoot the people into the past. I guess it's too challenging to go into the future because then you have to guess what technology and fashion will look like by then.

But the trouble with most shows is adherence to formula. Each episode each character does his or her schtick. One of the most refreshing shows was the Summer replacement Baretta. Later on it sucked. But that first Summer it was brilliant. Later on a talk show I saw Robert Blake and the reason was made clear. On the Summer replacement episodes they hadn't settled on a formula yet. So they tried something different each episode. Once they settled on a formula the show instantly sucked.

For once I'd like to see a SciFi show start out with the Earth destroyed in the first episode. All the characters say to the effect "That planet sucked anyway. Now it's on to better places." From there the series goes to better planets where there aren't several hundred simultaneous bloody conflicts extant at any one time. But I guess the advertisers wouldn't go for it.