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The success of Windows RT is critical to the Windows brand

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    The success of Windows RT is critical to the Windows brand

    Hi everyone - I found this interesting piece on Windows RT and how it's super important to the overall Windows brand, check it out - The success of Windows RT is critical to the Windows brand - Microsoft Product Reviews - Windows Phone, Surface, Xbox One, Apps & Games

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    This is True when it comes to Tablets and devices like Surfaces - But as for the Typical Windows Desktop, most people still won't budge from Windows 7.

    In fact, Apple is considering adding the same kind of Multitasking that the Surface has, they'll introduce it for iPad with iOS 8. On the Jailbreak Side, last week a guy released a modification that runs up to TEN different iOS apps in floating windows! I saw a video where a guy was playing two different Synthesizer apps at ONCE. It's called "OS Experience" and it's 10 bucks in the Cydia Store. Apple's Multitasking will be limited to only 2 apps at once, which is better than a poke in the eye with a stick. This is Apple's problem lately, they can't see that they can do MORE than just Ape Windows RT like they did with iOS 7.x

    When it comes down to it, the public is mostly happy with the actual Surface and other DEVICES- But the Windows Store is less than Stellar and it is now being equated to the Google Play store. This is one area MS has almost 5 years of catching up to do to get to where the iOS store is now- And this is reflected by the fact that MS Office apps for iOS are now the most downloaded apps in the whole store- And Tim Cook himself has praised Word for iPad. Note that I said, most downloaded, but not the most popular - Mostly because the users don't want to buy an Office 365 licence.

    But with these apps being given in RT devices, that will make most of those people happy, that's the best thing MS could have done.

    Lately I control all of my home PCs using my iPad and my iPhone, it is more integrated than ever. What I love is how I can print a document and it goes straight into OneNote on my iPad and then I can drive down to the UPS store and print out copies instantly.

    Right now, today, the right environment for RT to succeed is being created - It is up to Microsoft now - If they do it right and allow their Cloud Services to integrate with all of the popular Cloud services, even Apple's - Then we'll have Multi-Platforming on a level unprecedented, never before in the short history of computing has there been the accessibility we can have now, and if MS does it right, they may yet be the innovators.

    What I like about the Surface Pro is that it is a Microsoft Device with a Microsoft OS - It's a first step for MS.

    But as I have always maintained since Windows 8 came out, the Desktop needs a Desktop OS, and a tablet needs a tablet OS.

    This is why I jailbreak my iOS devices, because I can get the best of both worlds. I have features that are in OS X like a Finder I can use to explore my File-system, but overall I still have the functionality of the Tablet OS. I had heard that Windows 7 phones could be rooted, but not Windows 8 phones. But so far, Windows 8/RT does not have the worldwide user-base that creates Jailbreaks and the programs that go with it. Hopefully, it will in a few years, the iOS JB community did not spring up overnight.
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