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The Death of PC Gaming for Windows

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    The Death of PC Gaming for Windows

    It has long been said PC gaming is dead, mostly meaning the consoles like the Xbox and Playstation have taken the fight out of the PC gaming industry. This is true in part to most PC games being made today as ports of games designed to consoles. They are "Xbox Clones" - games that are scaled down in graphics and use engines that do not allow the customizations Windows PC gaming users have come to rely on.

    Some game developers like Bethesda manage to pull this off well with their titles like Oblivion, Skyrim and the Fallout series but sadly, most other devs get it wrong. There are very few games being developed today for the PC with the features we want.

    Microsoft has it's Games for Windows Live division - which ironically does not publish games developed for PC, but rather it's XBox ports to PC.

    Now both Steam and GOG (Good Old Games) have announced support for Linux and are introducing lots of re-worked Windows PC games to work in Linux. GOG will start releasing the Linux versions this fall.

    However, you can get lists of current GOG games that do already work natively in Linux. Here, let me Google that for you. Let me google that for you

    Together these two gaming giants along with Linux's new gaming development platform Leadworks and the popular Unity 3D's gaming development platform now with Linux support - can be the catalyst that marks the beginning of the end for Windows PC gaming.

    Developers like Microsoft need to decide if they want Windows gaming to survive. If they do, they need to change and give PC gamers the games with the features gamers want running on engines that are flexable enough for user configuration. Linux gaming is about to have a huge growth spurt and making games for consoles will not combat that.

    If the market doesn't change, Linux will win and that will be a Glorious day for many of us. Linux can do everything Windows can do sometimes easier and faster as in OpenGL vs the slower DirectX for example. Gaming is one thing holding millions of Windows users from switching to Linux. Companies like Microsoft have to be aware of this and adjust accordingly.

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    It has long been said PC gaming is dead
    I'm not saying people don't say it, but I've literally never heard that or ever seen it written anywhere.
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    a lot of people are abandoning consoles and moving back to PCs for gaming.
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    I have heard that for years. I disagree, PC gaming is still the best.
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    PC gaming is still where it's at. Top titles from consoles that get ported over aren't always worth it. However, there are plenty of PC games out there that take full advantage of what the PC platform has to offer and are ALWAYS way better than whatever console game out there.

    Although it would be interesting if Microsoft could actually allow Xbox One games to be ported over to Windows...
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    Most games are better on the PC, but it's far more costly and more effort. Drivers, patches, etc. New video cards, overclocking, etc. I've moved over to console gaming from PC gaming and I'm perfectly content. Sure, it's not as graphically intense, and it's not as immersive, but sure is easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    I've moved over to console gaming from PC gaming and I'm perfectly content. Sure, it's not as graphically intense, and it's not as immersive, but sure is easy.
    Ahhh...which is why the console platform dominates over PC gaming these days. It's simple and convenient.
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    I think people are definitely using consoles less but instead of everyone going back to pcs they're using ipads or their phones instead. Sad though but technology is constantly changing so I guess it's to be expected
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    Well the phones and tablets give portability. If you always have them with you, it is what you will use. Plus games are free or cheap, unlike things like ps vita or Nintendo DS.
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