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I think Mac machines are well built systems, but like what's been said: OSX is just too bland and boring to use.

Personally I didn't like where everything was set and how it was laid out, but maybe that's just because I'm a PC.

I'd have recommended a Mac to someone who hadn't a clue on how to set a computer up, but like what Charbroil said, Windows 7 is just as easy now.
I agree but I would like to appauld them on their upcoming Snow leopard...if you have never studied the history of OSX and Apple then you will find a funny but stupid fact about them. OSX, before Intel became their processor provider, was 64-bit only. That is innovation there, except for the fact that with Leopard and intel moving in...it became x86 again o_0. Now with Snow Leopard the OS is going pure x64 again. Now eventhough I am very much not a fan os their OS I can't help but to appauld and laugh at their re-innovation of going this route. It is a time to change and I hope Windows 8 joins in here also